Words. Words have power.

Words can build you up,

Up, higher, higher,

Till you feel as if

You are in the stars.

But words can also

Pull you down, pulling

You down so deep, that

It feels as though you’ll

Never rise again.


Words have the power

To cut you, tear you,

Words can slice deeper

Than a two-edged sword.

But words can heal, too.

Words can bind your wounds,

Ease your pain away

And stop the hurting.


Words can give you strength.

Words can make you weak.

Words can bring laughter.

Words can bring weeping.

Words can cause hatred.

Words can make you love.

Words can inspire.

Words can discourage.


Words. Words have power.

Words can sow despair,

Throw you in the dark

And make you feel like

You can’t carry on.

But words can also

Help you off the ground,

Shine a light in the

Dark surrounding you.

Words can give you hope.


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