my betrayal

to say who I am

feels like betrayal,

for I’m never

the same person



and oh how lovely

it is to know

I’m never who

I was before


and for each

person that knows me

I become someone else

a friend

a daughter

the girl that reads in the bus


and to me I can be

so many things


I am all the books

I’ve ever read

all the words 

I never said

all the adventures

that are yet to come

all the poems

to be composed


I am pieces

I am quotes


In sleep I'm an empty field 

that inherits the


of silence

but even then

words reach in like seeds

that sprout roots at my collarbone

and in between my ribcage

the buds full of awe

make of me a home

so that each day

I can start anew


and like the sun

rising in the mountains,

I can be blinding light

I can be piercing warmth




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