Vague expressions,
how could I describe it?
Hearts intertwined,
two fleshes becoming one.
Bonded for life,
inseparable from you.
This feeling I can't deny,
these shivers I can't shake.
Pulses surge through my bones,
only when your stare meets mine.
Your voice so deep,
eases my mind to sleep.
Strident and accented,
forcing my soul to hunger.
Your slippery smile,
I continue to starve for your hold.

As we sit here,
your warm presence surrounds me.
A placid future lies ahead,
while lips continuously meet.
Through storms and trials,
we'll grieve together.
Dancing on the beaches,
beaming laughter forever.
The sun rises,
I yearn for your kiss awake.
When the moon rushes to sleep,
our writhing soothes my aches.
Impenetrable bond,
shakily drumming my heart.
Intense and genuine,
until death do us part.


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