"Old Dear Life"

Sun, 12/22/2013 - 17:14 -- janai14


I scream for life to hear me,

Waiting for my dreams to become reality,

I just want to be heard,

Maybe then I can say my word,


Wanting the "Old Dear Life" everyone talks about,

It just seems if im living in a drought,

Seeing things that kids have nightmares of,

So I just look up high to the man above,


I am going to be the reason my brothers smile,

Hoping all these tears, and stress will be worth while,

With all this responsibility on my plate,

But patiently I wait,


Soon it will be my turn,

Soon for "Old Dear Life" I wont yearn,

When I get my chance I wont let it go,

I have to Remember #YOLO














Ashley Dianne

I really enjoyed this short piece 

It stimulated unknown emotions which reside

And as quick as they came they left

Thanks to the yolo! 



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