In The Absence of a Father


In the absence of a father she's naive.
Subject to believe anything that a man says.
Subject to looking for love in all of the wrong places.
Subject to giving her love, in more ways than one, too soon.
For the love of another.
Not having a father to show her love and respect,
leaves her vulnerable to lies and deceit.
He says he loves her.
She knows it's a lie, but believes it anyway.
Anyway, to feel she's wanted.
To feel she's needed by a man.
A man, unlike her father,
who was not there to show his daughter how it felt to be loved.
To teach his daughter to never let a man disrespect her.
Demean her.
Use her.
He is not there to hold her when her heart is broken.
Torn to pieces by the numerous lies and betrayal.
Feeling worthless when she has given her all and is left for someone else.
For someone else to take all the dignity she has left,
and abuse it,
in the absense of a father.
She lays in her bed at night crying.
All men are the same, she says. No one wants me. No one cares about my feelings.
Thinking life would be much better if she just ended it.
Her pillows soaked.
Her mind battles between life or death.
God, or the demons slowly taking over her thoughts.
She sobs loudly, and wonders if life would be better,
if she had the prescence of a father.



- This is my favorite poem. Over the years I have had trouble fining love, and finding someone who cares for who I am. I am extremely naive, and I fall for a lot. I think sometimes that if I had a father in my life when I was younger, to teach me what it meant to be loved, and to show me how a woman was supposed to be treated, I would be better in choosing partners. I would not be so quick to believe all of the lies and sweet talking. I would not be so quick to give them my all without being sure. I would not be as heartbroken as I am today.

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