I Believe In You #YOWO


You only write once that's what they say,

but to be honest you and I write everyday.

We're full time college students and from the work we can't run away.

We manage our time to get good grades and still play.

There are countless essays and lab reports left to do,

and of course you stay up all night because you simply have to. 

Sometimes your social life gets lost along the way,

but you'll catch up with your friends after class the next day.

This is the time to learn and have fun,

and for all of us freshmen the journey has only just begun. 

We will grow through these times both the good and the bad,

and of course don't forget to call mom and dad. 

This expierence is unlike any other, 

but thank goodness we will always have eachother.

Stick it out. You will make it through.

Just remember that I believe in you.

You only write once that's what they say,

but for you and I the passion will never fade away.





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