Where I'm from


I am from being enclosed alone
From lying in bed listening to music
From light shining in my mirror
From wanting peace and quiet to read
I am from home where I like to be alone

I am from jumping on the trampoline with family
From swimming in a chlorine cleaned pool
From playing tag with my little brothers
From watching my mother gardening
I am from home of a loving family

I am from swimming in the sun, hoping for a tan
From Kalahari, Cedar Point and Haunted Houses
From going to the movies with my boyfriend Devin
I am from Paul Dunbar and Garrett Morgan School
I am from home of exciting places

I am from Red, White, and Blue, Bald eagles soaring in the sky
From Barack Obama living in the White House, serving his second term
From the Statue of Liberty, standing tall
From our fifty states
I am from home where I am a proud citizen

I am from going to my Baptist church as a kid
From being: Black, White, Irish and Indian
From growing up in one house my whole life
From having to move away right before I turned 17
I am from home, Ohio City, in which I wish I still lived

I am from wanting to graduate college
From wanting to be someone
From wanting a family of my own
From knowing I will succeed
I am from home with a beautiful life ahead of me


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