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Cinderella and her shoe, Rapunzel and her hair that always grew. Beauty and strength I held so dear, when I saw Belle I gave out a cheer. My Disney dreams surrounded me, the princesses: who I wanted to be.
I have a dream. A dream where I can fly. The world is my oyster, so I soar second star to the right.   I have a dream Of a once upon a time, With a happily ever after
I am stuck in the age that you love to mock, but it wasn't my fault I couldn't stop the clock. Two thick braids have unraveled into soft curls, grinning crooked teeth turned to bright whitened pearls.  
The music echoes still inside my head, The bright colors still dance before my eyes, And memories are fresh within my mind, Though it’s been so long.   I look through old albums and reminisce,
When looking outside All you could see was white. He brings me hot chocolate And we sit in front of the fire. He looks at me,
I maybe a young adult but I love like a kid Forehead kisses and holding hands are ideal dates in my head Maybe I can wish upon stars like I see in the Disney movies Or would that be too goofy
He looks into the mirror And sees a dying man. He looks upon a man of shame, Of torture and disdain. He sees a man that knew no joy Until Aladdin came. Every night he dreams of life
Aurora is the definition of beauty- skinny and p-r-e-t-t-y. Who needs a personality when men will fall for your appearance?   Ariel is selfless and brave.
She was a one of a kind.   With a tail for legs, Princess Ariel never thought she'd find, A Prince Charming who loved who she really was. Until she did, or so she thought.  
Once upon a time there was a wolf that lived in the forest  Everyone in town knew him and was terrified by his appearance
My name, as many of you know, is Belle. For all my life, I have lived here in France, But old Gaston made life a living hell;
(To the tune of this chorus in Prince Ali repeated:
Once upon a time He was Beauty While she was Beastly His heart was pure darkness While her heart was pure gold Behind it all remained a story untold Men would stop to ask
Once upon a poem, in six kingdoms, far away, There lived a prince in each one, at his side, a princess. Then quite a curious thing happened one day,
His first memory Mother’s anxious face peering at him from above A tiny little heart bursting with love He tries to let it out, Needs to let it out He opens his mouth   Nothing  
Dear Diary,   I wish I felt guilt instead of just fear to be someone good to avoid their piercing leers   Drizella and I were never very close Though we did everything together
Once upon a time, a man fell in love With a stunning woman under the sea; They seemed to fit, so when push came to shove He asked her to be his queen, with much glee.  
Hello children, My name is Peter, Peter Pan And I am here to introduce you to the magical world known as Neverland Where children step foot into paradise
They know me as the girl with the glass slipper The one who lived as a slave, constantly hearing my evil stepsisters bicker
Once upon a time,  they begin to say she was so pretty but not so much these days   Rapunzel Rapunzel let down your hair I hear contanstly yanking at my ears
Glass, Glass, Glass, It echoed in her mind,  as she could just never find the time, To try go and make that climb.
Under the blankets, From behind the pillow, I stare at the screen. Expectant. Giddy. I press a button on the remote- Click- the television flashes and I am gone.   CLICK
In books I've lived a thousand lives, In pages counted countless lies,In paper found the truth and cried,To reading of a love that's blind.  The lives of those famed princesses, With struggles high above the rest, With gowns and fine embroidery, B
I've never been upon the land, I've only been within the sea. I can't help but to imagine, What the landlings think of me. They have feet and legs, I have fins and a tail, They live with cats and dogs,
Once upon a - Ugh! You know how that goes: "A princess finds her true love," In one day...gross. No one ever stops to ponder The "antagonist" if you will. Our stories are stronger
Once upon a time, there was a maiden named Snow White She lived in a castle where she wasn’t treated right Snow White ran away When her stepmother told her not to stay
Am I really reduced to this? A so called "Evil" queen? One who'd kill for the crown? Please honey, I don't need to cheat Or kill for that matter, Such a suggestions makes me frown.  
Ever hear of the true story? Of the mermaid in the sea. This is rather gory.   A gold kingdom in the ocean. A gulible red haired princess. The tale is in motion.  
I long to see my father again Who past suddenly But just away One day we will meet again For now I have his heart at bay.   I have been the sweetest girl I wish I could of spread love more
I long to see my father again Who past suddenly But just away One day we will meet again For now I have his heart at bay.   I have been the sweetest girl I wish I could of spread love more
The slashing of my hair is needed How does one go about doing this She pulls, steps, and messes up my hair But insists that I must not cut it Her little flower She never comes back until late
Beauty or Beast?   Come 'round and hear the story of a lass with nightmares to tell! Although, she was trapped in a luxurious castle, she was a strong lass, her heart pure and true,
Twice upon the night No where near the daylight Was a knock at the eight dwarfs’ room It was a quaint little nook Five rocks from the brook
“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” Being the best of both worlds
Tinker, Tinker Bell, oh I know you so well You entice, you excite, but most importantly you're not very nice I dare say this only to myself, or else I'll become very frail You live for the attention, if I do so may mention
Beauty and the Beast may be A tale as old as time, But when adding in apps like Tinder, we see How it fits the modern dating paradigm.   The prince spent his night Mindlessly swiping right
Flower gleam and glow Let your power shine Repunzal with your hair so long You're tried to escape for your 10th time With bare feet and and grit teeth You throw your hair down low
The glass slipper, the carriage . You all know the story . That vacuous Cinderella ended up with all the glory. Evil stepmother , I'm the one you love to hate . When I locked her in that dusty room I thought I sealed her hellish fate. But years we
It's funny how we believe in a dream and see what is make believe. We want to be the prince who becomes a king
While casually watching Beauty and the Beast, One tends to ignore Gaston's full, poulty feast. He claims to consume "4 dozen eggs each day", This meal is enough to make the chickens pray,
Slow I walk none to talk passing by  gazing at the sky It's been a while since I last seen the water doesn't bother me none it'd mean my very slaughter the name's Moana I have no daughter
A sigh was all it took  To make his sorrow grow As he whispered it into  The night   Leaning against the bannister His blue eyes searched the Vast darkness ahead of him
Once there was a Beauty, That fell fast asleep. During the day she was happy, But at night she would weep. Not knowing her parents, Or who she really was, It gave her much trouble,
tiana didn't ask for a prince she was an entrepeneur she didn't ask for her best friend to be a rich white girl but she took it with grace she wasn't supposed to turn into a frog 
Ariel wanted more she dreaded being a washed up old bore. The clever mermaid dreamed of being human for more than one romantic reason the curious little creature craved knowledge
What if...   Once Upon a Time Cinderella didn’t wed She’s a feminist   Once Upon a Time
Once upon a time A mermaid was curious About life on land   Ariel could talk But her life would be shortened With each word she spoke   She loved a human
Prince Ali Mighty is he Living in deception Strong? No, weak Mighty not he
There's no fairy tales that I know about For what is a fairy tale really about An act of Love or a true love's kiss Maybe a boy who saves a young girl I've seen it all but not really at all
With the slightest stroke of serendipity, My passage to a happy ending was Opened. And yet we started as The most improbable pair.   Everyday. Day and Night. Trying to reach my dream,
Under the sea is where you will find her Along with sharks, sting rays, and other terrors. More than such species also stir; The most frightening is human error.   Oil spills turn oceans brown,
Whether you were told I was stolen or given my story was shared.  The ending never right,  but nobody cared.  Here's what happened, so pay attention.  To this day I'm still unsure
i am not a princess,  i am a queen.   at my fingers is not a bippity boppity wand, but a sword called excalibur. at my side is not a mouse and a sweet bird, but the servant of maleficent, 
Once upon a time, in Arendelle There was princess Anna and in love she fell Her sister, Queen Elsa, so strong and so bold Could manipulate weather, and make everything cold
They gave me a name and started writing my story. I was give girly characteristics and made to be a boy's dream girl.
Take me to Atlantis, the wide array of sea life. I want to be where the merpeople are, and sing their songs of seas. Take me to Atlantis where I may meet my Princess, and she will meet hers.
There once was a girl named Snow White Everyone in the land thought she was the most beautiful and bright Except for the evil queen, who hated her a ton
Once upon a time, Extraneous forces brought me at a roundabout, for I was at an impasse of life that I did not wish to bring about on my own accord,
Why must my own reflection Show so much hate and defection? Mirror Mirror of the wall,  What makes makes Snow White The fairest of them all?
Once upon a time There sat a dock in Naples Here was a girl born a guy And she rested on the maple   The year is twenty-seventeen The time of day is dusk Beneath the water lays a gleam
Had the Beast been evil And Belle within the walls There'd be no retrieval And no singing in the halls   Had the servants wished revenge On poor Beauty's head No one could avenge
“Once Upon a time” means that at the end there is a “happily ever after” Prince Charming comes along with a horse and saves the princess A life full of laughter To live a life of forgiveness
A dream to be A dream to see A real boy I was but never to achieve. A far off cry In to the night But no one was around to put up a fight. There is no magic And there is no tricks
suddenly I saw a maiden as beautiful as can be but upon closer inspection, I had to say pew-wee she had hair red like a firestunning blue eyes to desirebut her scent I tire pale skin and a pink dressbut she smelt of a salty mess. she reeked of fis
We can no longer say "Once... upon a time." For it has happened far more than once.   The perfect girl
  It is time for the truth to come out about evil Ursula the sea witch   Once upon a time there was a sad octopus named Ursula who longed to have a friend  
Once upon a time there was a maiden living in a tower  She lived in a tower with her hair falling into a heap under her feet She lived in a tower in a long white dress
Once upon a time, in the land with the most pride, Because of an unloyal brother, the king has died. On that same day the brother was near, that brother made the young prince flee in fear.
Her vision was dark; almost a luminescent black capturing the silenced room. She tried to add color, any color, to her line of sight, but nothing came.
Once upon a time, In a land obviously far, far away, There was another princess crying, because her mom was taken away.   I mean come on Disney,
<p>Mirror, Mirror, on the wall;I'm standing here staring appalled.Whose that girl in the reflection,Laced with all those imperfections.
In this fairytale, Aladdin has nipples.   We begin in the streets, with Aladdin as a young boy. He plays with his friends, who saw no reason to exclude him, as he too had nipples.
The morning I met a man so divine, the sky was pink and kind I showed him the rivers, the trees and the corn He gave me peace of mind.
Tink.He calls me.Tink.He calls me.Love.He never calls me.Wendy.He calls her.   That is why I wear Green.  
You show up Blowing smoke rings And making light in the dark Like my all-knowing caterpillar, Full                                                                  Of intelligent euphemisms Cleverly
If you give a girl the mouse. She'll go to a world filled with fantasy and adventure. You will give her the ability to travel through jungle rivers for niles and niles. 
Things that make me happy are many, There's singing, acting, reading, just to name a few,  But one that I love most, One that's my past and future, Is the Most Magical Place on Earth.
I don’t want to be where the people are. I don’t want to see, want to see them dancing. Just want to be home on my Netflix account, Watching TV.   Making small talk doesn’t get you far,
Tragically beautiful,
for as long as i can remember, my friend Lindsey has been in love with Peter Pan.on a night of pill bottles and pale skin, Peter visited herhospital room and the green fringes of his kid-clothes 
I stand here 
Happy faces everywhere, Adults laughing like a child. Princesses their faces fair, And princes not too wild.   There's gowns of blue And sleeves of green. All are welcoming you It seems.
I am waitingDisney college programMy friends are being acceptedDisney college programMerchandise, Quick Food & BeverageDisney college programAcceptancesDisney college programI am waiting
You use to be my Luke Sky-Walker, and now you are my Hans Solo. (Star Wars) You were tired of monkeying around. (Jungle Book)
  The Magic is gone, I said As I looked up at the kingdom Tiered like a cake with its blue and white frosting I stood there, I stared The magic no longer lived there   Pavement painted black
Cinderelly, Cinderelly, what a beautiful girl
Disney movies are a hoax. Now, I say this with the utmost love for them, But the false sense of security and need they give, they give to a young, impressionable girl.  They sicken me.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live in a Disney-type world?   Feather-light footsteps. True, unparalleled romance and love that compares to no other. Completely, blissfully carefree.
My dream is to be a animator  Not just any digital design animator  No, That is to wide of a goal I am for smaller more difficult Disney animator  That is what I want to be 
My smile will brighten thier day Giving longer hugs that they may need "You are so pretty" she may say but she is what helps me believe this wig this makeup I wear for a job
The giggles of young girls, Bouncing in seats, hair all in curls,
Dear newlywed Snow White, now Mrs. Charming,   I know I should be off working right now. I will as soon as this is done. First off, I should probably introduce myself.
An Outsider doesn't need anybody; I take care of myself! The words of an Outsider to a person who to him is an Outsider To impress her, maybe be her friend. Friend.
The princess of the Pridelands, Her fur golden-orange, bright like the sun, and her soul reflects that, Overprotectivness from Simba, the king, her dad, causes a streak of darkness.
Disneyland is a place for all ages. As soon as you walk in, your in a whole new world. Adults become kids, and kids become carefree. You smell the candy, the turkey legs, the treats. The rides are thrilling, reminding you of your favorite movies.
Have you ever seen eyes that speak sermons.Respirations that birth holy spirits.With those kind of eyelids that are like curtains,Blocking out sunlight that flowers cherish.
Sing in me muse, and through me Tell the tale of a beautiful young mermaid With hair as red as cherries, Eyes as blue as sea, Lips red and luscious, Who holds big hopes and dreams.
All year long I don't even know when I 'm strong Why do I have to wait You're the right fate Shadows you can see through Sunlight clouds Darkness falls Fall leaves Spring flowers
Gold and red-checkered lips. Pink and purple plumage in pin-curled hair. Corsets colliding with chosen partners. Flickers of light from silver sequins scattering the ballroom.
All my life I've been waiting For someone to come along. All my life I've wanted For someone to prove me wrong.   Someone to love me forever, Someone to dry my tears. Someone to call my own,
Fairytales I never used to believe in fairytales I’m not like Cinderella when the clock strikes 12. Won’t prick my finger and fall asleep Or become a prisoner and love a beast. But I met you
The time I  had a fever of a hundred-and-three, was when Ariel went out to sea. I was discussing with Prince Eric and Ursula about tea. The Mad Hatter's party was fun as can be, but the only thing horrid was the tea.
The time I  had a fever of a hundred-and-three, was when Ariel went out to sea. I was discussing with Prince Eric and Ursula about tea. The Mad Hatter's party was fun as could be, but the only thing horrid was the tea.
The time I  had a fever of a hundred-and-three, was when Ariel went out to sea. I was discussing with Prince Eric and Ursula about tea. The Mad Hatter's party was fun as could be, but the only thing horrid was the tea.
The time I had a fever of a hundred-and-three, was when Ariel went out to sea.                                     I was discussing with Prince Eric and Ursula about tea                                                                          The
Once upon a time there was love// The clouds would part right for the stars// The sun would set for the moon above// And we made the sky ours// The creatures would creep in a moonlight serenade//  Creating the mood for romance// Until he cut my he
Words flow quickly from her singing mouth, as her hair was carried by a soft breeze. “You think you own whatever land you land on, the Earth is just a dead thing you can claim.” As Englishmen
2013 My graduation year the end has never seemed so near leaving friends and my home in the past but i promise i wont forget the tough times staying up late to finish homeowrk
i remember a silly bear a handsome fox and Marion fair oodelolly oodle oh, golly, what a day
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