queen of the lands

i am not a princess, 

i am a queen.  

at my fingers is not a bippity boppity wand, but a sword called excalibur.

at my side is not a mouse and a sweet bird, but the servant of maleficent, 

for she is not just banished but dead.

your queen killed the beast, not the prince like your stories have been told. 

for i am not just center piece on the table, beautiful and still and wilting over time. 

i am the soldier of the armies, brave and strong and blood on my hands.

i do not need saving and neither do my sisters.

i have always been a queen, marrying a boy does not make it so.  

when you look at me, you will not see a damsel sitting on the throne, 

you will see a goddamn queen.

and at my ears is not only the most beautiful jewelry in the land but,






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