Ursula's Real Story


It is time for the truth to come out about evil Ursula the sea witch


Once upon a time there was a sad octopus named Ursula who longed to have a friend


Her thoughts were that she would be alone till the end


She tried everything that she could come up with to get to know others in the sea


How could one fish have nothing; is this how it was meant to be?


One day there was a voice that caught her ear


She thought that if she could sing like that then she would be full of cheer


Then thought up a potion to capture Ariel, this singing mermaid


So her trap has been laid


She seized Ariel and told her that she wanted her voice


Ariel didn’t know what to do, and Ursula said there was no choice


A thought came across Ariel, how about a switch?


You are known as the evil sea witch


So she asked, “What do you have in mind?


First we have to have a contract that will bind


You will help me and I will help you


You change my fin to legs, and I will teach you to sing forever true


So they decided to help each other out


Ursula could give Ariel legs, there was no doubt


But, Ursula wanted to know why she didn’t want her beautiful fin


Ariel then said, “Well let me begin”


Ariel fell in love with a prince, but she knew that it could never be


So this is her one chance to fall in love and be free


Okay, after you teach me to sing then I will give you the potion


Ursula learned how to sing and so she put Ariel's legs in motion


True happiness has gone through the waters and land


For Ursula can sing and Ariel is going to marry her man


And that is the truth of how they all lived happily ever after.






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