The red-head who wanted more

Ariel wanted more

she dreaded being a washed up old bore.

The clever mermaid dreamed of being human

for more than one romantic reason

the curious little creature craved knowledge

for what she truly desired was college.

Of course she had her eye on prince Eric

but she also wanted mastery in forensic. 

the red-headed beauty was a sponge, everything she learned stuck

prince Eric knew her desire for college, he supported her with every bit of luck.

The struggles Ariel went through were rough

on difficult days she believed she'd had enough.

Prince Eric stood by her side 

reminding her to keep her stride.

The support he gave her was truly a beautiful thing

their love is absolutely everlasting.

Soon enough college came to an end 

Ariel in the top ten of the pen

Eric was so proud of his beautiful bride

the dear prince never left her side

in the graduation speach delivered by the notorious red head she gave thanks to all

she proclaimed love for her husband saying "he is always ready to catch me if I fall".

This day was a beautiful day, Ariel is still figuring out her future

If price Eric wanted college Ariel knows she would be a great tutor.

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