Evil Stepmother, My Side of it All

The glass slipper, the carriage . You all know the story . That vacuous Cinderella ended up with all the glory. Evil stepmother , I'm the one you love to hate . When I locked her in that dusty room I thought I sealed her hellish fate. But years went by and she's still the one you love . But did you ever think to hear my side of the story ?  It's just as interesting, well kind of. 18 years old. Pretty as a daisy . Working for my own stepmother, oh boy was she lazy. Ordering me around like her own pack mule . Hell did break loose if I broke one of her rules . I wanted to be like the other girls . Just wanted to go out have fun and be loved by another . Step mother insisted I stay inside and work . So make sure you know the reason for ones actions before you spew hate . Don't try and change your mind now . Ugly Cinderella has the love and glory. And that shrew got her own movie already and it's far too late .


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