In this fairytale, Aladdin has nipples.


We begin in the streets, with Aladdin as a young boy.

He plays with his friends, who saw no reason to exclude him, as he too had nipples.

Aladdin goes home to his mother, who, by the original tale, is still living.

They live in a nice house with a nice cat.


One day, while his mother and he are getting bread from the market, Aladdin runs into the Princess Jasmine in disguise. She notices nothing abnormal about him. Not thinking that he is a sickly, nipple-less creature that needs her care, she continues on her way.


In the market, Aladdin accidentally bumps into a lamp, and a genie’s smoke curls around his wrist. The genie, however, takes one look at Aladdin and decides that is not the man for him—too normal. Aladdin shrugs and returns home with his mother to a quaint dinner.


And that is where our story ends.


For how can one be a hero with nipples?

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Our world


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