That is why I wear Green.

He calls me.
He calls me.
He never calls me.
He calls her.


That is why I wear Green.


He calls me when he needs help.

He calls me when he needs guidance.

He calls me when he needs advice.

He calls me when he needs enrichment.


That is why I wear Green.


He calls throughout the forests.

He shuffles around with the other boys, sword-fighting and swinging on heavy branches.

He calls to the snakes and frogs and lizards in the bushels and vines.

The nature of the island of Neverland calls him.


That is why I wear Green.


He calls to my light.

I am small but my light is monumental.

I’m luminescent for him and only him.

I wish he would notice

when my light reflects upon my chlorophyllous apparel

that I want it to be a call of love

not a call for help.

But still my light glows Green for him

as permissive as can be.
I want him to know he can call on me.


That is why I wear Green.


The color of youth.

He wants to stay that way forever.

He calls grownups foolish.

He wants to remain a boy.
Forever small.
Like me.
Youthful, miniature, ball of light.
I am what he desires, but I am not his desire.

But I wish to be.


That is why I wear Green.


Before she came along
you called to me and only me.

Your Green would call to my Green in the darkness

and I believed in us.
Your call to me gave me safety and hope

and with just a little



and pixie dust

my light showed you the way.

And now

she’s your only way.

But I want you all to myself.
I want to call you my own.


That is why I wear Green.


My small wings cannot cover you

but her Blue eyes can cover you.

I am blue.

Blue calls to me now.

But I still wear Green.


Green is envy.
Green is wealth.

Green is guidance.

Green is nature.

Green is permission.

Green is youth.
Green is greed.
Green is Poison.


Meant to deal with pain

and meant to silence the turmoil.

Numb the atrocities.
I drank the poison.

I drank it for her.

I drank it for you.
I drank it for myself.
In a world Red with wrath

in a place Blue with chagrin

without issuing a single call of desperation

I drank the Green to turn my world to Black.


Now all I see is Black.
I call and I receive an answer not.

But I still want to remember you.

My purpose.

My reason.

My love.

You do not need me anymore

but I ask that you still wear Green.

Green matters the most to me.

That is why I wore Green.

That is why I wear Green.
Please always wear Green.
For me.
For us.


My Green still calls out to yours.


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