Frozen: The Sweet Escape

Once upon a time, in Arendelle

There was princess Anna and in love she fell

Her sister, Queen Elsa, so strong and so bold

Could manipulate weather, and make everything cold

While Anna liked dresses, all lacy and frilly

Elsa loved snowflakes and everything chilly

Queen Elsa worked hard, passing down legislation

But the congress just sputtered, causing Elsa frustration

The bureaucracy of ruling just made her pissed off

So she handed her crown to Anna and Kristoff

If you visit Arendelle, anytime of the year

Make your way down its famous ship pier

Because just around evening, if you stay alert

You could find Queen Elsa's, most favorite dessert

She sets up her stand and sings with a vibrato...

"Come taste my delicious, homemade gelato!"



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