Gaston's Eggs

Sat, 08/19/2017 - 17:36 -- Jawelsh

While casually watching Beauty and the Beast,

One tends to ignore Gaston's full, poulty feast.

He claims to consume "4 dozen eggs each day",

This meal is enough to make the chickens pray,

For their young are being eaten at such a rapid rate,

There's no guessing that the chicks are becoming irrate.

For Gaston's their destroyer, a carnviorous man.

But what if his consumption is part of a larger plan?

Perhaps France is overrun with these very chicken.

Their diseases leaving peaseants and nobles all stricken.

And the Frenchmen are ceasing at rates above 4 dozen,

For what they thought was harmless food, actually wasn't.

The white-feathered flocks were in charge from the start,

Brainwashing all humans, confusing the mind and heart,

Making people feel superior, while only they knew the plan,

But their evil idea happened to miss our main hero, a man.

Whose name will be cherished from this very day on,

The true protagonist which is known by no other than, Gaston.

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Our world


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