From Princess Back To Prisoner

Sun, 08/27/2017 - 17:00 -- Kayla A

They know me as the girl with the glass slipper

The one who lived as a slave, constantly hearing my evil stepsisters bicker

Then one day my prince charming took me away and for once in my life I felt like a winner

But the idea of him being a sinner was something that I never thought to consider


You don’t need a prince to be a princess

This is a lesson I learned the hard way

When our relationship didn’t go in his favor, he blamed it on me

Suddenly all the stars in my eyes went away

A dream is a wish your heart makes they say

He was a stranger and I was so blinded by the idea of love that I didn’t detect any danger

They look at me as if I’m deranged

The doctor's question my every word, “Cinderella, You do know rats don’t make clothes right?”

I know what I saw, Jaq and Gus are my friends

I don’t care if they don’t believe me, my story won’t change

“Cinderella, pumpkins are not vehicles and fairy godmothers don’t exist!”

I will not be silenced, I know I’m not crazy, I must resist


I rot in a cell and reflect as my blonde hair becomes consumed by gray

Forced to obey

My once beautiful blue ball gown ripped to shreds

Their voices keep echoing and echoing in my head

But I’m not crazy, I’m not crazy


My mind is suddenly bombarded with the question what if

What if I turned back to pick up my shoe and left?

Because maybe if I was never a princess my heart and soul could rest

What if I said no when the prince came to take me that day?

Because God forbid that a woman protests anything that a rich prince states

Because I fit the blonde hair, blue eyed beauty norm,  does that mean I’m incapable of going against his decrees or incapable of pursuing my own degree?

They would rather chain a innocent, fearless, independent female down then let her and her intellect roam around


I wave sticks around constantly “bippity boppity boo”

But I see no magic

If only my mom could see me now

But I still have hope that my fairy godmother is still around


Don't save me from this castle, save me from myself

I never asked for a prince or wished for any of this mess

All I wanted was a break from reality and pretty dress

As I bid the old me a farewell

Just know this

Happily ever after does not exist



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