He looks into the mirror
And sees a dying man.
He looks upon a man of shame,
Of torture and disdain.
He sees a man that knew no joy
Until Aladdin came.
Every night he dreams of life
By Prince Ali's side,
But every morning wakes to find
His dreams were all a lie.
For Jafar was lost inside his head
Longing for his prince,
And when he came at last
He felt once more
The torture of his shame.

Expectedly, Aladdin fell
In love with a princess.
But such loves do not last,
And so Jafar waited.
He waited for his prince to come
And lasted long he did
But when Aladdin did not come
He took to violence
To silence Jasmine
For her time with the prince
Was long overdrawn.
Or at least so Jafar thought:
Her last breath had to be caught.

A simple poison made it so,
Aladdin was disdraught.
Jafar told him, “Life
Works in wondrous ways.”
But his case was not bought.
Instead, his days were spent
In search of revenge
Of the man who had
Forced fate’s fingers
To spell out
His poor Jasmine’s death.

Jafar grew weary,
More nervous each day,
The fear of discovery
Lay torment on his brain.
The shame of guilt,
Of his act of love
Brought forth the feelings
That caused the horrid crime.
He then came to know
How foolish he’d been
To think he could love him.
But he could do
Nothing but dream
Of his beautiful prince Ali.

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