Rapunzel Where Is Your Hair?

Once upon a time, 

they begin to say

she was so pretty

but not so much these days


Rapunzel Rapunzel let down your hair

I hear contanstly yanking at my ears

What long and beautiful long hair they chant


Rapunzel Rapunzel, I feel out of place

accomadating to those around I keep my hair this way


I ask around, what if I cut my hair short? 


Dont do that, you'll look like a boy!

Dont do that, no boy would ever marry a princess with short hair!

Dont do that, you're a princess, not a prince.



Rapunzel, let down your hair, show the crowding masses your beautifulblonde hair

let them stare

and touch

and grab

and yank

and climb up and up

not caring at all about how much you hate your hair




Cuts her hair

grabs her own scissors and goes up to the tip of her ear

cuts across 

goodbye to all of your hair


Rapunzel Rapunzel! They scream

let down your hair! Where is your hair!


Let the crowding masses touch your hair, try to decipher what happened


Rapunzel Rapunzel you are to be queen, do not touch your hair again


I listen to my head. I breath.


"Rapunzel Rapunzel! I am no more!" 

I don't wear a dress

i don't wear makeup 

"For I am not a princess

I am Rori

your future king

and lord."


I do not care if I am not your pretty princess, because I am a prince


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