The Little Mermaids

Once upon a time

There sat a dock in Naples

Here was a girl born a guy

And she rested on the maple


The year is twenty-seventeen

The time of day is dusk

Beneath the water lays a gleam

Of a necklace at risk of rust


Along with it is hidden

A mermaid admiring the mainland

She cannot help but be smitten

For the human up on the sand


Ariel is her name

And she’s been warned of those without gills

But her life just hasn’t been the same

Since this girl on the dock gave her chills


She’s made up her mind

She grabs the necklace before it sinks

Up she goes with her find

And hands it back with a wink


Erica’s eyes are big and wide

As she sees the impossible come to the surface

It’s a mermaid right here in the tide

Who’s come to offer a service


With one small favor

The two began to bond

With excitement their voices would waver

As they chattered among the fronds


Each day Erica raced to the sea

Each night she went to bed content

Being with Ariel made her feel free

Every minute together well-spent


With each other they shared both the good and the bad

Words that described nostalgia could also describe fear

But together they never were sad

Together they never had tears


The more time they spent together

The more they could relate

Each visit made the both of them feel better

When they could vent about all the hate


Erica wished they could share the same world

And Ariel agreed

Above them the moon was like a pearl

Its glow shimmering on the reef


Their hearts began to race

The both of them leaned in

Soon they were face to face

And seconds from skin to skin


When their lips touched it was magical

In two senses of the word

In this moment, their joy was so capital

They missed the change that had occurred


Around them was a swirl of white

It sparkled and it blinded

Legs became fins when touched by the light

Their new fate had been decided


With no need for discussion

They both made up their minds

They’d swim off no matter the repercussions

Until they found a home more kind


Slowly they vanished from sight

Hand in hand they roamed

All they needed was their might

For with each other, they were home

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