The Big Sad Wolf

Once upon a time there was a wolf that lived in the forest 

Everyone in town knew him and was terrified by his appearance

Eyes dark as the night sky, teeth sharp as a blade, and demeanor like a tyrannosaurus

Thus, no one went through the woods, so they wouldn’t be an interference 


Night after night they would hear him howl and cry

Little did people know, that it was out of grief

And not of hostility because in actuality, he wasn’t a bad guy

Long ago, the wolf was with his pack, until he got distracted by a flying leaf 


He chased it down until he was at a clearing 

Suddenly he realized that he was away from his family, so he began to panic 

Despite looking high and low, his pack was nowhere in sight and he was now like a lost duckling 

His heart sunk like the Titanic 


All these years he’s been alone in the woods, 

Until the fateful day that he saw Little Red Riding Hood passing through

He watched her go to her grandma’s and peered through the window as they baked in their quiet neighborhood 

The wolf yearned for his own family and slowly withdrew  


As he did, he stepped on a twig 

Scaring Little Red Riding Hood and her grandma to death

Little Red Riding Hood’s grandma grabbed a broom and ran out yelling, “I won’t let you eat me like the three little pigs!”

The wolf retreated to the woods and could barely catch his breath


Collapsing to the floor he cried for his mother

Everyone always portrayed him as a villain

But as the saying goes, you should never judge a book by it’s cover

Because you’ll only know a person for who they are if you’re willing

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