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 It was a day that every pet owner has to face.You died four years ago and it was a disgrace.Since you died, I've lost more dogs than you.My heart was broken last year when I lost two.
when i die i want to come back as a dog.    i want to come into this earth as a minuscule being, crammed in tight quarters, unsure of what to think. 
as heat envelops my small body, and the earth disappears from view, i have to wonder what i did  to deserve this debut.   
She was a little bundle of joy that I brought home A week old Golden retriever with shining golden coat Short ears, a straight muzzle, and a feathery tail Why I named her Paris I had no particular rason
I slip and fall. Right into where I wanted. And it’s warm. I feel safe I can sense her love. And she kisses my head.
Stay with me, always. I need you're gentle touch. My time in this life, it's coming to an end. I know you love me so much.   As I grow weaker, I see your hope. You think I'll get better, 
Rain pours, the dogs sleep, and Pandora shuffles my music. From a mason jar I drink my tea. Weather reflects one's mood. Loneliness, longing, insatiable "hunger" and depression burn within; my heart roasting.
Sometimes it is hard to explain to people what is going on in your head, To put into words all of these thoughts that you typically dread. Sometimes you realize that maybe it is better to not talk about them at all,
From buildings away he sensed their pain All the same King of the dead and dying he walked the halls of the students still crying With canine instinct he approached  the students all thought above reproach
Grateful for the shit on my shoes and the shit on my floor   for the pain the the head when you run out the door   for the ruined rugs and the ruined naps  
Benny’s Biography By: Alexis Seith   im a kind and carefreey kiddo, and my name is benny hyde. im sory for my speling but, you see, im only 5. my brother-he’s in first grade
Do you see him cowering there in the corner? His owner has beaten him, he’s falling apart. Broken bones, it’s a cycle that never ends. He whimpers. Will bad fortune ever bend?   Do you see her all alone?
These are cookies that I love because they came from up above. Chocolate chip banana nut  if you bite they’ll get a cut. When they do they’ll ooze out chocolate;
Doggies. Very loyal. They are human's prime friends. Do not cause any harm to them. Canines.
The yellow man under the drawbridge saw that I was lost so  He asked me for my phone number today For the third day in a row  But I said no because it wasn’t the fifth. 
To you it might not seem a lot And to you he cannot give it thought But for every little thing you do He owes his entire world to you.
Delicate eyes showed through the light A message from above An Angel in disguise You taught me how to love You told me to be bright You taught me during day You taught me during night
Patience  For me, keeping calm as you fail  to roll over  again For you, steady eyes as you wait for your share of my supper Thank you for teaching me. Forgiveness
I cannot tell If my dog likes it here. Yes, when the door opens, he perks up his ear. And whenever we pet him his tail wags. All year.
Faithful hound, long hast thou sat  Patiently, awaiting thy master's return By that lake for which thou art named Which my memory may no longer discern   Thou wert not mine own hound,
To your loyalty,   Everyday Since the day I met you You stayed.   You support me Even when I’m wrong
My love, You are turning 11-years-old this year. My heart drops to my stomach when I think about that.
Dear Belle, Anytime I need a friend, you’re always there until the end Bedtime when I need to sleep, you lay your head on top of me
I hear a roaring in the walls at night, I believe it is the pipes Or maybe the furnace screaming to let it catch our home on fire I imagine the roaring to be the outcry of us, pure hatred
  Streams of watermelon juice dampen my cheeks Sprinklers in the summer made my cheeks drip
Once upon a time The little mermaid dreamed. She dreamed of the sky And the things unseen. She wanted to walk, and to run, and to jump, But most of all, she wanted a pup.  
The cold is numbing. Like morphine it trickles through my bones. It seeps into my fingers and it grips my balls. It kisses me like an abusive lover after the beating. The cold is comforting.  
    Come here my best friend You can scratch me anywhere      Lick your face and hand
Puppy Red Bone Coon Hound Sweet with soft scarlett fur Curiosity of a cat Canine Loyal Best companion Highly tuned sense of smell Courageously defending me Fearless Princess
I am from laughter, joyfulness, and a caring family, from my very first furry friend on Christmas morning, to my 10th birthday at Disneyland with friends.  
there see it?    Ashes on the windowseal grey my fingertips as I lean over you a white dog sits by the oak stump in our yard   so? whats so special about some dog?  
We met in the fall, You were a puppy so small. We grew up together for many years, I remember all of our adventures together when nothing was impossible, But then your owners got that call...
Rigby is my dog Without him I would be lost  He lights up my world  
little wet nose on my palms, toenail clicks on the floor, little snores from the blankets, that's what makes me feel good.   slobber lips placed on my leg, chewed up toy in my room,
Wet Noses. Sniff Sniff Slurp. Roll over. Wet Noses. Slurp Slurp. Open My eyes. Wet Noses and a Nudge. Slurp Sniff Slurp Slurp. Feet to the Floor. Bite Slurp Sniff Sniff.
I’ve had a long day. I’m coming home. I kick off my shoes, Moaning and groaning.   Then I see you. My face lights up.   You run towards me. You jump on me. You lick my face.
I love dogs they are fluffy big or small they are cuddley   dogs are happy when they wag their butt I am happy even if it's a mutt   any kind of dog
Rolling on overwet noses and furry tailsmake the day perfect
Bright eyed and bushy tailed with the morning she greets, A quick leap and up she goes, upon my head she seats.
They told me you were dangerous But I knew differently Not danger, but pain is what I could see You had been beaten and abused You had been torn and used But now you're safe with me
My dog really loves to be scratched On his ears and head Oscar, so cute, he makes me happy
I try to breathe in and out Throat feels thick and no breath comes Body shakes deep in the bones I cry out from stress around me I feel it all bouncing on and off me I am a sounding board for the hurt
Sometimes you just have one of those days Where absolutely nothing is going your way you bombed that science test you spilt juice on your shirt you scraped your knee  dropped your ice cream on the dirt
They might not be present for our entire lives, but we will always be there for theirs.  Apart of our family and always in our hearts,  The wagging tails and innocent eyes wait for our return from home,
My dog Barely two feet tall, And yet he means all to me. After a trying day at school, When I have to face all the pressures that I am used to being exposed to
One evening, I watched two dogs mate The male jumped on the back of the bitch Thrusting away till he implanted his snake Deep inside the bitch’s haven to make sin They entwined like a recreational activity
One evening, I watched two dogs mate The male jumped on the back of the bitch Thrusting away till he implanted his snake Deep inside the bitch’s haven to make sin They entwined like a recreational activity
I hate wiener dogs  I don't care what you say My uncle had one  And that dog was gay   With his ugly wiener face  And his long wiener body His long wiener toe nails
I will love you  Till the day I die You can't stop me Don't even try   I will love you No matter what you do Till the end of time I will be true   I will love you 
When darkness creeps in, I search for the light. I know there is always better days, As long as they exist.  
In my boat, there I lie thinking of you Waves toss back and forth like thoughts in my head Anticipating how to pursue Haunted by all the words you’ve never said  
Day one, the sun is blinding and my mind is fuzzy, and all I know is that I am definitely, absolutely alone. I fall down in the sand, like an infant again,  stare off at the sea, start to cry.
Flowers and tree begin to bloom, Finally getting out of the winter blues. My dog runs around the backyard, Always keeping our house on guard.
If you asked me what all I'd need, If I was stranded on an island with just one thing... I would have to think, Just barely, And finally deside, It's my puppy.  
My baby MJ Always by my side Down to walk, down to ride Ever since my mama died The love I feel from her made me feel whole again Before, it was like a part of me was missing
You are one decade of my life Yet I am all of yours Forgive me, for your death too I decide And out of endless love there is remorse
Yeah, let it be they say But nah, what’s the point of it? When life isn’t rife with objectives   You got to hand it to them, what’s life without discipline?
I love to pet dogs, With their hairy paws, Stick bone or ball, They love in their jaws.   Have been at our side, For thousand of years, Accompanying tears,
Have you ever been petting a dog? A big, fluffy, friendly, dog. And in that moment you become so overwhelmed 
Man’s best friend, who is always by your side, Energy filled, he is eager to please. You give him love and a place to reside. Caring for your friend does not come with ease.
A man's best friend they are called. Standing by our side even when we fall. They greet you at your door with a hug and kiss. A baby cries or music plays, they'll sing along. They'll jump and run and play with you.
I saw my girl come home; giggling and bubbly. My girl loved me right away.  She loved to kiss my nose, and she loved to crawl with me. I'd make her laugh everyday for hours.
Isn’t it a shame that we depend on what others think?
Your wagging tail mirrors the trees gently swaying in the wind. Your gleaming eyes mirror the sunshine in mid-July, my smile as I see you after a long hard day. When your paws sprint across the fields of glory, I can see
El perro corre.
Horses, horses, horses Oh how I love horses Buckskins, Chestnuts, Appaloosa's, Pintos and colts, Halleluja! The wind blowing through their manes The sound of hooves on the plains
I got three legs. I lost one in a brawl I realized as I stood up so shaky I thought I might fall.   Happy, I yap. You had just walked in. And exactly the moment you saw me 
I love dogs,Everyone knows it.I love dogs,I proudly show it.I love dogs,I will always boast.I love dogs,The absolute most.
You had my heart from the first moment I saw you. You played with my long hair for at least an hour while I held you in my arms. You cried the whole way home but I sang to you to calm your fears.
Even though school has started, I refuse to be dishearted, life goes on and the school days are to long, but im glad as long as I get to come home and snuggle with my loving dog.
  Drowsily I lie entangled in my sheets  On the threshold of sleep’s comforting arms   Growing weary, when some horrid beasts
How much for that pup in the window?How much turmoil has he been through?Why must you breed again and again?This is where I come in.Saving and rescuingThat is my destinyPeople say they're cute for a whileThat pup lives to see you smile.How will yo
Aggressive, Unpredictable, Violent... attacking people on the streets, hurting newborns in their sleep, almost as if I'm a creep! I never meant to hurt you, but that's what society expects me to do,
"Dog Lovers" all around More dead bodies at the pound Please don't buy and please don't breed Adopting is what our world needs   Puppy mills and backyard breeders Adding on to the death meter
Cute, small, loving and always on my mind. My dog will forever be by my side. My dog is rare she is one of a kind, I will hope that we will never divide.   You would be surprised by how much I care,
I was so sure, yet so afraid. I was right but also wrong. My heart so big, but my home so small. My time so limited by needs to be met and selfish desires.
ven't found the right words They're not in any song I hear
Resting my tiresome eyes, whilst not listening to whom has to speak; For I know what the truth is, yet no one sees as clear as the words that go unheard. These beings make no sounds, a voice box gone to waste;
The Few. This way of life is not for everyone; Most think we're crazy, which might be true. There's no black, white, or brown, just green. Serving my Country  with pride, Along side my Corps family.
Thank you for caring.
Pigs, chickens, cows, and goats. Products on my shelf. Unable to speak as I rip off thier coats.
            I, personally, have a love for larger dogs because I’ve always grown up with them and my volunteer position at the SPCA allows me to express my passion for animals.
Flyball Box, Ball Barking, Jumping, Tugging Drama at the finish! Flyball
Sincere love is a trivial thing Not everyone gives, not everyone gets Humans focus on the worldly things around Judging and mocking on how fancy the suit is your walking in around
Flopping ears and sagging jaws I bolt across a field after the rabbit Digging holes with my big paws   Laying on the grass in the warm sun I sleep and dream and snore This life is full of naps and fun
I've been walking these streets for a long time.
In a crowd you are bound to spot him He is standing so very tall Not too much impresses him He has seen and done it all. His hair is short, eyes are sharp, and not a smile is seen
Does it make you feel strong or are you just incapable Of putting yourself in someone else’s position? Do you feel big and bad when innocence squirms? When you force pure love into submission?  
If I died today, I would be happy, For have ever knowing you. When I smiled, you smiled back, You were in pain, so was I. When I felt alone, you made me feel like the only one.
From the first day we met, I knew you'd always be there You came into my life when we were still both so very small Through every toy you chewed, you were always the one who cared
I miss fighting with you to see your 'I told you so smile" I know I wont see it for awhile I miss the look in your eye when you know what you're doing You always do whatever you want to
With their hair and their drool, their pee and their poo, they steal our slippers, eat our wallets, and knock over our trash cans. Yet we keep them around, Why? With their slobbery kisses,
Why are you crying?  I'm still here, I'm still alive,  Still panting,  Still loving.     Do you remember?  When I could swim?  When I could jump?  When I could run?  
fingers run down your coat. a hand strokes your side. you retain nothing. where’s the love I once felt pouring from your skin? you aren’t absorbing the love I’m rubbing to your bone. move, baby, look at me.
My friend, I have stayed with you until the end This decade we had Me, you, Mom, and Dad The loving licks on my face Will somehow replace  The tears on it right now The bag of chow 
(A gentle touch of comfort is what he brings to me. A glimpes of hope is what she give me. Unlimited love and affection is what they offer. Her concerned eyes waiting to connect with mine. He waits for a forever home.
Have a mouth Words do not come out Have a voice Ruffles when speak Human talk Speak, I wish Understand me better Hungry less Outside more
Standing at the door with tears to the floor Memories of Lou come rushing some more Once on a sunny day a little lost soul came my way  With love and care I earned his trust  and soon he was apart of us 
He's big He's lazy He's old He's crazy His fur is soft His mouth is slobbery He can be sweet and cuddly and yet stop a burglery He's all these things, and many more
My family brought me home cradled in their arms.They cuddled me and smiled at me and said I was full of charm.They played with me and laughed with me and showered me with toys.
​No one feels the pain I feel. No one gets how much it hurts to lose a friend that you've grown up with. A friend that you hung out with that morning before they were gone. He was always there, and I never questioned it.
You're always there to dry my tears Kiss my nose and bite my ears I can go to you when I need to talk And you're always up for an evening walk. My secrets I can rely on you to keep.
Sugar’s eyes are like a vivid love story. Sugar’s heart is like a forever rhyme. Even though life was full of woe and worry, Those memories will survive even time.
Dashing left, dashing right. Through the trees, through the night. The sound is near, the woods are hushed. Barks ring out, flowers crushed. Sounds of the noble hunt flow and as the sounds of the dog grow
Dog Yearning For Loving Adoption Day Home
My four legged friend, He wanders around. Protecting, watching, loving, and playing. Staring as if he has words to say, But speaking with actions all the same. I talk. He listens. He replies.
Man’s Best friend, Loyal companions, And Selfless animals. These are the adjectives that describes a dog. Some are more or less of the descriptions used but none the less
I hide behind a shade of blue In front of the grey No hope I tell myself but wrong Everything is okay Optimism is the key To open the door of sorrow The key melts into the hole It molds
Hey there Dad, get your gun let's go to the woods for some fun. The weather is mild and not too bright, cotton tails been out all night.
We went looking for a pet On a puppy our minds were set A Black fuzz ball with a boo boo on his head Caught Amanda’s eye, this is the one she said He came to us at 13 weeks Our love he did seek
As I stepped outside from my cool home into the heat, the bright light made me squint my eyes, and I called out his name...
You smell so good when you walk by me. You ignore me and keep walking as you always do. Your beautifully pressed white coat and shinning shoes Walk past me kicking some snow in my face.
It’s cold, freezing in fact, and like an idiot, I am outside. Jogging.
I’m glad my dog is but a bitch And quite a friend of mine, For I’d be screwed were she to snitch The things I try to hide.
I want you more and more with every breath I don’t even know you, but I love you I know loving you will be so easy
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