Ode to the Dog of a Childhood Friend

Faithful hound, long hast thou sat 

Patiently, awaiting thy master's return

By that lake for which thou art named

Which my memory may no longer discern


Thou wert not mine own hound,

Though thy loyalty bespoke me a master surrogate

And thy submissions and elations towards me

Were indeed present until thy time grew late


Thy wisdom perceived an end to the time

Of their dwelling, by thy namesake shore

And distressed thou wert, and I suspect for this cause

Bearing not to be parted, thou wert no more


Faithful hound, many years you dwelt

Let now your body take peaceful repose

Make richer the life, even in thy death

And bless those who dwell now in thy abode

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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