The Hunt


United States
43° 25' 21.1548" N, 85° 42' 18.4032" W

Hey there Dad, get your gun
let's go to the woods for some fun.
The weather is mild and not too bright,
cotton tails been out all night.

Sure thing Son, be on our way,
no better way to spend the day.
Breathing in nice fresh air,
hoping to find bunnies out there.

So off we go to the old wood lot,
where often old hound did trot.
Same as his blue tick sire,
who on the trail never did tire.

But old hound has gotten slow,
rather stay home by the fire glow.
Dream of the time when he was young,
chasing rabbits at full run.

Old hound dog is not alone,
his master as soon would stay at home.
Talk about the good old days,
when game wasn't so hard to raise...


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