To Man's Best Friend

I love to pet dogs,
With their hairy paws,
Stick bone or ball,
They love in their jaws.
Have been at our side,
For thousand of years,
Accompanying tears,
Our comforting peers.
Some like to bark,
At noises so distant,
Our vigilant assistants, 
Whom listen consistent.
They scan our guests,
To give warm approval;
But if uninvited, 
See to their removal.
Super sonic nose,
Dogs like to sniff,
Anything; but best,
Dog butts to whiff.
They sit by our side,
As we start to eat,
Their faces too cute,
So we give them
a treat!
The pressures of life,
Somedays weigh me down,
When I see a dog,
In pleasure I drown.
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Our world
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