Our Pal

We went looking for a pet
On a puppy our minds were set

A Black fuzz ball with a boo boo on his head
Caught Amanda’s eye, this is the one she said

He came to us at 13 weeks
Our love he did seek

He was playful, loving and sweet
Having a puppy was so neat

He stole our hearts
Our family he became a part

He liked everyone and wouldn’t hurt a flea
But because of his size people were leery

When him you got to know
You couldn’t help but love him so

Favorite people he had
In their eyes he couldn’t be bad

Ma gave him treats
To him she was so sweet

From us he expected no less
He was spoiled we must confess

When he was but a pup
TV remotes and toys he chewed up

He met his daddy everyday at the door
A head butt to the ribs while in the floor

He always managed to get positioned just right
For Daddy to give him his afternoon delight

Then the scratching would begin
On the butt or under the chin

He would stand there for hours
That Big Black puppy dog of ours

Daddy wasn’t the only one that Pal turned to for attention
Amanda’s rubbing and loving we must mention

Pal’s love for people food
We must include

His favorites Spaghetti and Beef Stew
You know he inhaled instead of chewed

His tags making his bowl ring
Made us laugh and our hearts sing

After dinner walks were a must
Even after he had eaten enough to bust

Grass and crickets were his dessert
And Neighbors stopping to scratch never hurt

It will take time for our broken hearts to mend
But our love for Pal will never end.

We love you and miss you Pal, (LBD, BBD Little Black Fuzzy Puppy Dog, Bud, Buddy Boy)


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