Unites State Marine

In a crowd you are bound to spot him

He is standing so very tall

Not too much impresses him

He has seen and done it all.

His hair is short, eyes are sharp, and not a smile is seen

He belongs to a sacred brotherhood

Always Faithful ‘til the end.

He has walked into battle, and back out again

Many think he is foolish for having no regrets

About having lived through many times others would forget

He is the first to go and last to know,

But never questions why

Only Do Or Die.

He walks a path most won’t take,

And lost a lot along the way.

But he thinks a lot of freedom,

It’s a small price to pay.

Yes he has chosen to live a life off the beaten track,

Knowing well each time he is called

He might not make it back,

So, next time you see a Devil Dog

Standing proud and true,

Be grateful for all he has given,

He has given it for you

Thank God that it is you Country he is fighting for.

Thank him too for all the hell he has seen

Thanking his for having the guts

To be a United States Marine 


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