I was so sure, yet so afraid.

I was right but also wrong.

My heart so big, but my home so small.

My time so limited by needs to be met and selfish desires.

You needed more time and attention than I could or would give you.


Marley to Marvel, Marley to Mars, Marley to Makoto.


They say a name is a powerful thing. The ability to know a true name or give a name is a power that gives one ownership of a person or object.

Perhaps my inability to name you was a sign that from the beginning you were not mine and I not yours.


You were my baby. My sweet girl. My first child. My whole world for the six days I had you.


We both know however that I couldn’t provide for all your wants and needs. It would have been more selfish to keep you. Although our slumber party ended in tears, I regret nothing.


Your tail still wags as I drive off.  You seem unaware of our failure.


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