ven't found the right words

They're not in any song I hear

And, even if I found them

The words would never be mine.  


They'd fall like a cold dull rain

On your already cold body.  

They couldn't capture your smile

Or hold a spark to your warmth.  


Some days it is easier

To forget that you won't be home

As I pull open the door.

And, other days it's harder.  


I've finally shed real tears

I never thought it'd hurt so bad.  

I ache for you every night

Wondering if you were scared.  


That's what keeps the tears falling.  

Because I pray you knew I was there

All of us until the end.  

I didn't want you to suffer

But, I couldn't let you go.  


It wasn't fair I know that

So I'm sorry if I've kept you

From a better painless place

God, I hope you know I love you.


The tears are pricking my eyes

As I write this poem for you.  

I won't ever stop crying

But, I'll go on I promise.


Your love made an effect on me

When I write it will be for you.  

That is my resolution.

I'll find a way to succeed.


My questions will never leave

Just like your ghostly sweet shadow.  

I see you all over the house

That might pass eventually.


But for now you're still here with me.

My companion even in death.  

This is all I can say right now.  

And, Sadie I hope it's enough.  



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