Yellow Man

The yellow man under the drawbridge saw that I was lost so 

He asked me for my phone number today

For the third day in a row 

But I said no because it wasn’t the fifth. 

He had a blue smile and a white tulip for me but

I still said no. 

Instead I asked him where his dog had gone because

I could have sworn I saw on it day three

But he shook his head and 

His smile turned red and 

I watched the tulip grow paler in his hand. 

The way he looked reminded me of the green man who

I had met in the park on the seventh day of the 

Last dream 

Who said he was a robot but 

He cried when it rained. 

The yellow man cries too but

Only if it thunders. 

He says it’s because his dog ran away when it thundered but 

I know its just because he’s real. 

Just like his dog. 

I am not real, and that’s why he 

Keeps asking for my phone number 

But I just can’t give it to him because if he 

Calls I will

Be lost forever and 

His dog won’t ever return. 

I can’t tell him about his dog.

He can’t ever know about his dog. 

On the fourth day I chew the 

Yellow medicine and it 

Catches me like a storm cloud 

Carrying me under the drawbridge where the 

Yellow man looks purple in the shadows but 

He asks for my phone number and I 

Try to run away but the 

Howls of the green man in the rain become a


So I stay with the yellow man who 

Keeps touching the tulip and saying that he wishes 

He had another one to give me 

But I tell him that it’s okay because 

There’s too much water in the vase and 

It’ll drown anyway. 

His eyes frown but 

His smile stays blue and his 

Heart stays red and 

My soul is purple when I’m lost 

When I am reborn

When I swallow the pill and 

Talk to the yellow man, 

Because he’s really the only friend I’ve ever had. 

But the dog was his only friend and 

The green man cries when it rains because

He knows that I know about the dog but

I told him that he 

Can’t say anything to the yellow man because 

The truth will kill him. 

Killing us. 

So then the fifth day came and 

I swallowed that pill with some 

Yellow water and 

Went to the drawbridge under the black clouds where

The yellow man was quiet and his 

Smile was brown

Like the color of the rain that

Began to catch on my lips

But it silenced me. 

So I said nothing while 

His heart turned to a tulip and I

Watched it drown in all the water. 

He never asked me for my phone number that day but 

I gave it to him anyway. 

I wrote it on the bridge of his nose where

He would never see it but

Always see it without noticing. 

He never did have a mirror. 

So I walked into the rain and 

Passed the green man in the park with 

Tears flowing down his cheeks and 

I hugged him and told him that the dog was okay

That he was okay

And he finally stopped crying and his 

Wires shorted out. 

I tried to speak to him because 

Maybe that would make him real again but 

The rain had

Glued shut my mouth and

Made it foam. 

And I felt as if my hair were

Covered in skin and my 

Skin in hair and I 

Felt my feet touch the ground for the first time 

Saw someone walking towards me in the 

Sinking of the sky 

And I tried to speak but my words

Turned to thunder 

And then I saw someone who

Looked like me on

The sixth day 

With red eyes and a 

Blue smile and a 

Yellow soul and he 

Patted me on the head and told me 

In a purple voice for the 

Last time that I 

Was found. 

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