My Best Friend

From the first day we met, I knew you'd always be there

You came into my life when we were still both so very small

Through every toy you chewed, you were always the one who cared

But the love & bond we shared was unimaginable & you came every time I would call


As you grew from puppy to dog, as did our friendship

Those days we played fetch and I threw your favorite ball

Running thru the grass, you were at your happiest

But then the game was over and that was our downfall


Every spring  I blew bubbles for you to catch

And oh how happy you’d get when dad brought the bandana out, which meant a walk was near

Then a nice quiet evening surrounded by your family, as you enjoyed a bone and wagged your tail

But your most favorite of all was a vanilla ice cream cone, and boy you made that clear


Winter meant snow and that meant fun times awaited us

Barking your loudest until someone threw snow in you face

Shivering in the cold, hoping spring would come soon

But even as you got older, being unhappy was just not the case



As seasons came and went, so did your hearing and eyesight

Everyday was now a different challenge, but you still had spirit

From your achy bones, & smelly breath, we still loved you all the same

But whatever you needed you barked to let us hear it


With every year that came, meant another birthday for you

The videos, memories, and pictures we’ll always keep

For no matter what, you’ll be here with us always in our hearts

Death is something we cannot escape, but now just rest easy and sleep


Tonight my best friend closed his eyes

As my hand was holding his paw and my tears fell

We took him to the doctors, for he was in pain and could not stand

But just one last time he kissed my cheek and I told him I loved him


Today…there was no sound of your bark or nails on the hard wood floors 

No more would you look at me with an intense “I LOVE YOU gaze”

No more would I feel your warm fur against my skin

Now, I just remember our joy filled days



Rest in peace now my best friend Tucker

Your cradled in God’s arms and Riley is there to keep you company

Now, dream of that special day and time

When we shall meet again and always be together


Although we shall be separated for some time

We’ll be together again

We’ll always be side by side from then on,

With a happy, warm feeling, deep down inside


Once again then, all be fine

We’ll be together forever, till the end of time…



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