A Dog’s Way of Life

I slip and fall.

Right into where I wanted.

And it’s warm.

I feel safe

I can sense her love.

And she kisses my head.

She scratches my neck.

She strokes my back.

And I am safe.

I close my eyes and drift off.

Right where I belong.

I’m running along.

I tug and pull at the skin of her neck.

I lick and clean every bite mark she receives.

I make love to her every single day.

I chase away the demons for her just as she does for me.

This is right where I want to be.

I love my mother and she always understands.

She cares for me and my sister like no other.

I love my aunts, they’re as happy as can be.

They helped me make my philosophy.

I love my sister even though we always share.

We keep each other warm and safe.

I love my lover, she is soft and kind.

At the end of each day, I can’t wait for her embrace.

I love my owner, she is sweet as cake.

She lets me sleep all day.

As you can see, I love my family.

Even though it’s just us here.

Don’t worry, I don’t plan to disappear.

After all, I’m right where I belong.



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