Roaring in the Walls

I hear a roaring in the walls at night, I believe it is the pipes

Or maybe the furnace screaming to let it catch our home on fire

I imagine the roaring to be the outcry of us, pure hatred

If I close my eyes long enough it becomes the sound of dogs

Barking and scratching against the closed heaven door

Or maybe that is humans, pleading to be let in-even the sinners

Maybe that is hell, being so close to nirvana yet not being allowed in


I told a friend about the roaring in the walls, she said that's the house settling

What is the house settling for? A dysfunctional family?

Or maybe it is settling for where it is because it cannot move

What is there to settle, the house has no choice, is this slavery

Or a term of mutualism, we take care of it and it lets us live in it

If I set fire to this house will I hear it's screams or it settling?

Maybe from the fire I will hear the roaring I hear at night

The house might be pleading to die, to not settle anymore


Every fight we have makes me scared that we are roaring

That we are stuck underneath the floorboards

Lying against cold concrete and settling to make room

Who is the house and who is the family? Who is the fire?

You are the dogs scratching to get in. I am the person in hell

Sometimes when I close my eyes at night I hear the walls roar

A lion bursts through and roars at everything, it charges towards me

It curls into my lap and dies, it is the dog now scratching

The dog with brown hair and white paws catches on fire and settles

Into ash but becomes a demon groveling at door of heaven

I take the demon in my arms and lay it down, it sleeps

I kiss you because you are the angel of this demon I sleep with

We are not settling we are moving, we are the ash in the wind.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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