Big and Bad?


Does it make you feel strong or are you just incapable

Of putting yourself in someone else’s position?

Do you feel big and bad when innocence squirms?

When you force pure love into submission?


How can you stand there and look into those eyes?

How can you cause pain without emotion?

Maybe you have no morals or cares,

Or maybe you just had a twisted notion.


If you would have loved him and held on tight

Instead of doing things I don’t want to know,

Then he could have been your very best friend,

But instead your fist throws another blow.


For some odd reason that animal still loves you.

He just thinks you’re the very best.

There’s not another human in the world like you,

But for you I know nothing but detest.


If I could just hold him, save him he’d know

The meaning of unconditional love.

But he’s trapped with a monster like you

Because you hide him from the people above.


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