My Daughter, My Love, My Fiona


If I died today, I would be happy,
For have ever knowing you.
When I smiled, you smiled back,
You were in pain, so was I.
When I felt alone, you made me feel like the only one.
During times of hardships, we were close
In times of joy we shared the excitement
In times of defeat we leaned on eachother
In the time of your dying
I saved your life.
In my slow death called depression
You were the joy that saved mine.
You made me forget all the sorrow
I made you feel like there's no tomorrow
Together we are a team
Loyalty till our death
Living life together. every last breath.
I was bullied by you into submission
You were punished by my decision
The pain I caused you is my regret
There are no words for the day we first met
If I died today, I will wait for you
In a place called heaven,
Where once again, I will see you.


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