A Human In Need

Dear Belle,

Anytime I need a friend, you’re always there until the end

Bedtime when I need to sleep, you lay your head on top of me

Crying alone in my room, you lick my hand and I know I’ll get through

Daytime when I have to leave, when I come home you’re waiting for me

Excited as me to run and play, until we are tired at the end of the day

For you, Belle, I buy the best treats, you deserve them because you’re so sweet.

Ginormous heart in your chest, special that you love me best

High-fiving when I’ve had a success and being there to relieve my stress

I love you, Belle, even when you curl up with me and you smell

Joy found in the simplest things, you remind me about all that life brings

Kisses and slobber all over my face, as we warm up by the fireplace

Lazy nights watching movies and eating chips, I know we have the best partnership.

Making adventures out of every day, and letting life take us where it may

No other animal is quite like you, you’re the best, it’s very true

Other dogs are sweet indeed, but they aren’t there to help me succeed

People don’t always understand me like you do, a friend like you was long overdue

Quitting and giving up is never the way to go, I’m glad we can watch each other grow

Ranting your ears off until 1 a.m, a friend like you is always at hand

Sharing your favorite toy when I’m sad, that’s what makes you pretty rad

Thank you, Belle, for being a great friend, soon I have to leave to attend

University far away, but we can still play today

Victory will come to be, and you’ll be there to celebrate with me

Who’s a good girl? Give yourself a whirl.

X years has gone by so fast, and much more will become the past

You’ll be okay, I’ll be back Christmas break, school will be fun, lots of pictures I’ll take
Zig-zags, swirls, and memories that never end, thank you for being my best friend.

Jessica Pearson


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A letter to my best friend.

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