When I See You


United States
45° 24' 19.2672" N, 122° 59' 26.7072" W

I want you more and more with every breath
I don’t even know you, but I love you
I know loving you will be so easy

When I see you
I will hold you tight
I will never let go, because it will feel right
I will know deep down in my soul

When I meet you
I will feel complete
I wouldn’t miss a beat, even if that means no sleep
I would give you what you need and let my heart lead

When I see you
I will whisper in your ear
I love you
I have always loved you and I always will

When I meet you
I know you will be a dog, but you will be my dog
I would take care of you like you were my blood
I know you been through a lot that’s why I wouldn’t give up

When I see you
I will never stop loving you
I will have sympathy for others like you
I would begin to wish I could save all of you, but knowing I have you is just enough

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