Man's best friend

Fri, 12/27/2013 - 13:15 -- prk0ur


Sincere love is a trivial thing

Not everyone gives, not everyone gets

Humans focus on the worldly things around

Judging and mocking on how fancy the suit is your walking in around

We go for lust, we despise the weak

However not everyone has fallen for the trap it seems

For there are some, to listen to your cries

Who are always there listening to your sighs

They look upon you with constant love

Always wanting you to be close to snug

Trusting you with every wit

They would give there life up for you if it came to it

For humans love is not constant nor far

For some even more love there car

But your companion, it is always there

Happy to see you when you come home without a care

For these creatures don't live that long

Only about 10 years, a flightly song

For God gave man 85 years to live

To learn how to love and care for all, even the sick

But for these companions he only gave 10

Because he knew that they already loved all from within

The next time you come home from the day

May you show your canine companion the love that they always portray

For they show humans how to love

In a world that forgets that love is enough.

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