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The future calls like an owl at night At first I heard it and it gave me a fright I’d never want to lose sight Of the vision it gave me in the fading light  
I wonder what my old bedroom looks like now those empty nights where my breathing no longer exists  will the trees notice there isn't a window to push their breeze in my dog wondering the halls wondering why its silent
Our journey began like a joke in 2016, Things seemed moving upside down, We had miss on to complete before 2019, We are glad to be wearing crowns, Whats up the world!
Graduation day is coming here, And so now is your high school career. Always remember the friends you hold dear, And look toward your future with no fear.
driving home to youunfortunately I died~ text said I love you.driving and textingnew car for graduation~ hey guys guess what I. . ..
Books piled up, papers everywhere. They’ll never burn, or fly into the air.   Tassel hooked  on the wall. Not attached 
Seeing everyone Ready, in their caps and gowns This is it, complete
  I tried not to take time for granted But we could all feel it sailing away We all grasped onto each other
With 1800 hands in my mind, I carved initials into my eyes.   I turned down my volume to see vernacular art, Blinking morse code the way to my heart,   Only to hear you squeak:
I hesitateTo admit that I tend to put things off until they absolutely must be dealt with   I was born here.I’ve moved between neighborhoods butThese mountains have watched me grow up.  
It seems like it was just yesterday I received the gift of life, In a world where I felt so loved With no worries nor strife.  
  Graduation is here, after all this time, Rise and smile, be proud of yourself. As you walk with courage and perseverance,  Dominate the certificate as your infancy expires. Understand youself and discover,
We were told as a child that we would never get old At least that is what Peter Pan told But as the years go on and time pass by Our life grows before our eyes One minute your at elementary school
Sitting beside that stage felt quite like a cage. So many bodies beside me too much to breathe.  A vibe in the air tangled in my hair. Making me realize something about today 
When I was a freshman, everybody told me "four years would go by quick" And there I was three years later as a senior deciding on which college to pick
I never understood until now why everything mattered ...breathe..
Don't be alarmed  Your hearts in the right place. Don't be scared of making a mistake.
I grew up in a small town Where everybody knew my name. When I was young I yearned to live more and spread my wings and fly away from this place Looking back that seems crazy This town has made me who I am
I'm used to seeing my mother smile and be giddy. But the moment I became a Senior in High School, Her smile suddenly became non existent.   When I brought a letter home about Senior activities,
I'm used to seeing my mother smile and be giddy. But the moment I became a Senior in High School, Her smile suddenly became non existent.   When I brought a letter home about Senior activities,
It was that time now  My Graduation's coming  Adult life is here
I'm Losing them.  What will I do? midnight trips laughter by the fire— all Gone, faded Memories.    What will I do— getting drunk on good vibes all those sleepless nights
Everything comes to an end Something you have to get used to  Something that we can’t stop 
Ever changing years, Always surrounded by peers, Now, time to switch gears.
Dear Class of 2018, R. D. Wilson School is where it began. I remember like it was yesterday— Talking about princesses and Batman, Looking forward to lunch with Mr. K.   
Dear myself four years prior, a time oh so dire. Acceptance and status were key.     If I could turn back the clock-
Dear Mr. Chavez or should I say Dad? Such great high school memories, we both had. You made me lunch each morning, every single day. "I don't eat that", instead of,  "Thank you", I'd say.  
I wish I knew high school musical was just a dream and the reality of it all is more like a horror movie.  I never expected to be working like I'm a college student already breaking my back and staying up past 3am to finish homework. 
GRADUATION POEM By: Eric Fraley   Here today Here we sit Class of 2017 Amongst our friends Our fellow classmates
Dear High School… Dear Institutionalized Hell Hole… Dear Teenage Years…  
Dear Graduation Day, I never thought I would see you. You have been hidden long from me, Waiting and watching as my minutes Tick by slowly.
Dear High School,   While I write from the midst of you, In this classroom birthed from you, I write with extreme love and hate. With disdain, and respect.
I’m so close to the end. I dread, and dread, and I agonizingly dreaded to go to that school all these years.  
As a child, so fragile, so pure you broke my confidence as the blood rushed to my face when you said that I would never be anything in front of the whole class
As you drive towards your next destination. You leave me in your dust. To rebuild. To recreate. To restart.
To the high school girls I know, And the ones I do not, You are so much more than you think, In case you have forgot.   You are more than the boy who broke your heart,
Less than a year before I leave So short time I can hardly believe As that day approaches I start to reminisce About all the things I'm going to miss.   My friends, my peers it has been six years
  Whose shoes these are I think I know. Their feet have not returned yet, though. With blankets scattered there and here, The mess will only grow and grow.
Congratulation, You graduated. Now to begin the rest of your life. Now I need you to sign away the next 4 years, To more schooling, And growing debt.
I lived many lives through words.  I shed tears for heroes who didn't exist, Written poetry for none but me, And sung for only trees.   For years I've roamed these halls,
Optimism, not yet here Preluding, yet it rests Finds shelter in an anxious heart Remaining unpossessed  
The music will play and they will call me up front I'll exit my seat and wobble and shake my way The pictures will flash on the screen  And I'll search the families for mine I'll hear them before I see them
No to the DBQs. No to the dialecticals. No to the derivatives. No more.   No to the research projects, the industrial revolution, and activation energies. No more.  
Somehow Time flew by And it's only two more months Before I close this chapter And begin the next. An eager goodbye to most But forced and choked out for some
But now you look And you wonder When it was you grew up And you think how Things will never be  As they were Or as they are And these last few months  Of one chapter
The year is 2012 and I am not okay The cinderblock walls suffocate me As I listen to everyone around me  They're talking, they're talking Talk, talk, talk An endless symphony of gossip and jokes I don't get
They all say i look just like youBut not knowing you made me who i am today I never really bothered to ask why you wouldn't stay Whyd you turn your back?Whyd you make it about you? 
For four years I waited on this moment.  As a freshman in high school I assumed that the only thing standing in between me and this moment was forever.
This is it,  It's finally here. After testing stress, It's my final year. High school was fun, Not at all what I thought it would be. Junior year made me strong,
You can go to any college you want... ...except private colleges which cost way too much. You can be anything you want to be... ...except an arts major, come on don't you want to make money?
Stuff went down this year. I got an associates, and became a mom!
Looking down the line before, at the glimmering golden door. My future lies just past, but my feet are dragging me toward it fast. I bury my heels and try to hold on, and try to beat another dawn,
Crucial: a day, year, month in which      I can never turn back.  Now, no turning back does not mean I cannot look forward,       and looking forward does not mean I can't learn from my past. 
We play by each rule. We Stay in school. We  Study late. We Wake Up By Eight. We  Review for Test. We Do our best. We
The rostrum is enveloped in dust. Walking on laminate, my legs are weak, echoing the footprints before me. A foot catches on wires, serpentine on the glossy platform. Trembling, I do not crack, I do not turn to stone.
Just as that moment of bliss  Found first thing in the morning - Before reality breaks over the mind - Soothes closed eyes and Barely stirring spirits, So childhood comforts Bones that know not what
I don't think anyone understands how lonely and depressed I am. I don't try to hurt myself in any way. But I'm just so unhappy with life.   And it hurts to get up every day, acting like everything is ok.
Stanzas in a notebook. My mother’s way of expressing emotion. This is one of the things I’ve inherited, a written way to show my devotion.   I can find notebooks full of poems in my mother’s room.
The first of the month brings light to our lives, birds in their nests and bees in beehives. We know that summertime is coming up soon so were hustling and bustling and stressing about school.
The time is fast approaching, and I am not ready. The time is almost heare, and I feel dizzy headed,  I have been working towards this all my life, and now that it's near, I don't want it to come.
It's the first day of school, And momma's afrad. Afraid about me making friends, And my toddler years coming to an end.   Now it's time for fifth grade, And my friends don't wanna play.
Student still in school Working  hard to get better Dreaming of college
It's mid-February now, and soon I'll be waring the Ides of March.Then it's April showers,and waiting with bated breath for May flowers.  
I am putting my summer clothes away And replacing them with my nice new school clothes. I put away my sunscreen And take out my school supplies. Tommorow is the day that I begin school.
I walk across the field With my black, shiny graduation cap on The crowd is cheering People are screaming And of course students are crying   As they announce the names
I still remember the young girl with the braids in her hair, Living her life freely without a care anywhere, Playing double dutch and hopscotch at the park, Tripping and falling creating scars and marks,
Metamorphosis; The process of transformation from an immature form to an adult form In two or more stages.   Metamorphosis; maturity. Caterpillars that eat their knowledge out of Milkweeds
On the first class meeting of my freshman year, I was told that when you leave highschool you are two numbers. SAT: GPA: keep up your grades, stay out of trouble, get involved.  
As I walk down the aisle, Wearing my cap and gown in style. I realize today is the day, That parents prayed for. As I take my seat, I look around and see, The teachers who taught me,
A piece of paper That's all it is So much pomp and circumstance  preparation & pride  for a flimsy declaration  that can be burned, and earned by the bottom of the barrel  
Your passion is present only as the camera pans to you. Your life is the tide, and applause is the moon. So when you find that people dissaprove, you get out your sheild and your machine guns too.
it's the final year i made it through! my momma sheds a tear for twelve years my mind grew
I am a bird meant for flight,Beautiful plumage and a mind to the right.I am fed lies of fame and money,I am the bird of milk and honey.I want to act and I want to sing,But maybe "lawyering" is your thing.
Trails walked by others Paths carved by those before us Their own metaphor   Stage, be our lantern Blue and silver be our light Our tassels ready   We walk our own trails
I never thought it would be oh so sweet Couple of months left, it better be quick For 5 years, 8-12th I've been here
Painful infatuation    The only escape is    Transcendence of the human situation   Finding love, illusory promises of elation  
At six years old she can see the world full of wonder, and her daddy says "Stand up tall baby girl or they'll walk all over you." At twelve years old she sees a world full of opportunities,
It's almost the end you see them all there they've dressed up nice done up their hair It's an exciting occasion they've waited all year but back in the corner a girl wipes a tear
At graduation they look on with hopeful eyes Some nudge each other and giggle, exited that they are almost done. Some stare up at me in reverance, alredy preparing for the future ahead.
I see your face near tearsto our future reflected
Remember how car crashes sound? Like two families coming together not lovingly or caringly but tragically and disastrou
Graduation The time is near,
They say that opposites attract,   Like the times I would sit on her lap,   Rest my head against her chest   And listen to the beat of her heart,  
Tick type tick typeThe sound of the clicking keysA person types an application, bouncing in solid ease  
A new school year. A new beginning!
This is our time. This is our year. We have nothing left to fear. This is our chance. To show the world. What we’ve been fighting for.   This is our chance. We get to shine.
Summer ends my time at Parris Island. Marines marching and DI's scream. To welcome home our new Marines. June 13 the few, the proud, the graduation of my marine.
Time to say hello to a brand new start.
Approximately 177 days left. Only 177 days left to be a kid. Only 177 days left to have all of the quintessential teen experiences. ONLY 177 DAYS. Should I be scared? Because I am.
Writing is an act of thought, A Muse chased into eloquence, A wild idea, tamed and caught And realized through writer's sense The cause itself, irrelevant, The processes behind it too,
My love you have grown, my love you have shown, shown that you are fine without me.   My dear you stay sweet, my dear you're on your own two feet, experiencing a world without me.  
I am going away. My time of departure is nearing. But I very much want to stay.   Will I be happy to go? Nay, I will miss dearly what I am leaving. I am going away.  
Sitting up on that stage I glance around. We all look tired. The war is now over, but did we win?   Certainly there were battles lost. But we made it to this moment.
I’m sitting on a piano bench in an orange ruffly top while my mother freezes the moment on film. I move to an ugly green chair under flickering florescent lights while a declension is written on the white board.
When the sun goes down, and the moon rises high, When the fire flies glow under a deep starry night, Life surges through my soul, Here I am playing another role to keep people from getting hurt,
I wasn't prepared for this I wasn't prepared to have to grow up so fast Being 18 and not even knowing how to drive has taken a toll on me Being 18 and not even knowing how to be confident and independent has angered me
Our high school years have come to an end It is now 2014 Its time for our graduation We have made one giant leap No more going to school at 8:20 AM Making us go to school, attendance really tried  
The caps fly up After we cross the stage 
I feel so light with a heart full of love you are what I'm always thinking of
Lambs thrown to lions not yet taught how to run-- stumble and yelp with hopes set to the sun.
Too young to make life decisions. Too old to depend on mom. Wandering on the uncertained journey of life independently.
18 years of my life have come to pass, 18 years of emotions both good and bad. When I was born I was told I'd be destined for great things, and even with the screw ups and faults you all think that way as it would seem.
Thank you.   I honestly don’t know how to put it any other way but Thank you.   Thank you teachers for choosing this career path. Thank you for dealing with
Cap is honored blue Mother's love shining brightly The walk of prestige 
The thing that really makes me tick is the continuousclock's hands beating to the rhythm of time, and I just wanna screambecause time is nothing nothing nothing compared to what we've
I’m thinking of a place God, help me get there I want to reach it What does it feel like? I’m running in a race
We are not invincible, Bones break Like glass shatters We are young Hearts burst open thousands a day We are human Quite the antonym Of perfection
this morning tonight, preparing to what is set forth,maybe destiny; i speak to the light, crying and weeping, unknowingly pressing forward hastily; maybe one day i'll know, no; be
almost fell face-forward had they not held us back, crying because it hurt and made our bodies ache,
Scream and Shout Let it all out The time is near With no need to fear Graduation is here Soscream and shout and let it all out!  
We are gathered here, you and I To study the strange nature of the unyielding sky. Spanned across our unimaginative eyes, pensively awaiting tomorrow, with all its potential for joy and sorrow.
It's graduation All my hard work has paid off It's my time to shine
walking across the green grass  almost time to say goodbye to our class sweaty palms and shaky knees  finally going to be free anxiously waiting to hear your name looking around to see who all came
Cameras are flashing Smiles are from ear-to-ear Heart rates increase Tears shed down one's face The sounds of the applause send waves in one's ear Class of 2014 The day finally came.    
The day seniors wait for, to finally step out the door. onto the pedestal of the world who could want more? Twelve years of prison since most were five, up to this day that ends this painful job.
1/22/143 phases passed before I drizzled wax on th
  So much time has past since freshmen year, We've found ourselves and who we are, Maybe we can leave this place with some cheer, But we will leave with much, much fear. Things always change left and right,
Finally you're on top of the world! You're a senior you made it ! Old friends good times All of which begin fading....
I can picture my red gown My tassels dangling from my cap I can picture myself being on stage Saying a speech about my high school life How my classmates affected one another Directly or Indirectly
From the fall's dawn, to the springs night. Blood flowing rough, from the earlier fight.   When the croud would clear, and the flag would raise. We would lift our arms in the air,
We might only have one last time together To walk along the halls and hold the memories forever Our last moments at the lockers between classes
I never thought I would come this far, It has been a struggle these past thirteen years. Finally, all I hear is cheers. This is my year.   It is the new year,  A new me, everyone can see.
Twenty-nine months, not a thought until now. Moving every year, I cringe with no sound. I've stayed here the longest, loving the memories I've found.  
The winter I was seventeenwas a moment of trying times.I was cold and under pressure,and was trying to find my life's reasons and rhymes. 
The busy hustle across the sidewalks makes a walk turn into a shuffle.   Going from class to class is nothing short of a puzzle.   As I make my way through the crowds, I've never felt so alone.
hearing the words of the class president, "Let us all stand in congratulating the class of two thousand and ---".
The Dawning- An Original Poem by Catelin Haight Time marches on, Or so I'm told This Body is young
As we walked through the doors Our hearts were racing, scared to death of what we'd be facing The next four years, we would be in this place The next four years, we would learn every face  
                                             Your smile, your eyes always leave me wanting more             The first time I talked to you is something I’d never forget
My time in high school is about to end. Soon I will walk out these doors forever. I won’t lie, I have laughed and grinned. Memories I will not forget, never.
One year, five months and six days. the question remains: will she stay?  
Going through the motions, never to know Time is passing in an endless loop The pattern is broken only by the last stroke The time has come, the last bell rung A lugubrious gathering, the show of an end
It's 7:40 in the morning, Time travels, time flies. Walking down the hallway, with English on my mind.
White, white, white all around, Everywhere you go,  It's boring from wall to ground. This is not a hospital, This is a school. We need color, We need expression, We have creativity,
Saying good bye is never easy, It's actually pretty painful, It is something that will never really settle, Like a piece of you is missing, But you got to keep your head up high,
Waves crash against the shore, A storm is on its way. I cling to my desk in a bitter hope That it will all pass over me.   But as they walk by, Their lightning strikes— Cold, hard stares
I'm finally here Right where I want to be It seems as if it has taken forever For me to see so clear But here I am A college student Making her way through classrooms and side walks
I walk the halls that grow increasingly familiar Yet at the same time, recognition becomes harder These faces? These people? Strangers. As the years go by, the ones I know  Disappear.
Seven thirty-five already? Here, let me just press "snooze" It's time to get up and go learn logarithms for moles I'll never use. School takes up one third of my day- soooo many hours.
You tried so hard but you never quite were who you wanted to be, feeling so unsure. There were times you wanted to let it all go there were days you wanted to be best in show.
It’s been 12 yearsOf chores, work and sweat.We didn’t ask for itBut overall it was okay. We meet peopleSome were horribleSome were greatBut overall they were okay.
I am lost in a sea of unknown faces, blurred and unimpressionable.  Blending into the class room walls. Spending the school year doing nothing but filling in a desk, and saying present when called upon.
  Time spinning down Lost in the middle round The tears puddle for a pound And they taste like salted sand   The loss feels like we’ve won When the speeches are all done
The time is approaching, Summer breeze in the air Clocks are ticking, Yet we seem to not care Friends and parties are on our mind Unfortunately, not realizing, were running out of time
There is one picture of me at my graduation. The sun was in my eyes, but I forced myself not to blink. I nearly rolled my ankle trying not to trip on the fake grass.   The red robes were first in line,
I always knew at last this time would come When lost is that from which my love derives. No longer shall I hear the horn and drum Which waving hand to quickest tempo drives. 
As I walk through the halls, I can’t help to think The time is near, our time is finally here I’ve been to many graduations, sometimes joyous and sad occasions The time is coming to say final good byes
Paper wisps right of my forehead, the sun the left, love – the unconditional kind I feel that gold Still hot when we’re done And embraces are given. This invisible leap our youth takes
To whomever this may concern,Can you guess how smart we are?Do you know what our rank is?Our GPA?Does this great nation care,For the well being of a humanOr the torment of our minds.
  As my graduation draws near, A dark cloud rains guilt on my soul. She will never see her day. She will never walk to the beat with her classmates, As they signify the end of their road together.
Twas the night before graduation, when all through the house Much excitment was occuring. There was anticiption about. Graduation gowns were hung in closets with care
I just gave my valedictorian's speech. I just heard my name called. My friends, my family cheers wildly. I shake the principal's hand. I turn my tassel to the right. I am officially a high school graduate.
Friday, the seventh day of June, two thousand and thirteen; The day I graduated high school. Everyone says that a chapter is closing as the next opens, And they are all telling the truth.
Do you remember the first day back, in September, When we first called ourselves seniors? Watching and waiting, Itching as the clock ticked. This day seemed so far away, But really it was quickly approaching.
This is my time to shine to live a life that is mine The tears flow down and the hats go up we all know it might be rough This is my time to flow and to let my true feelings show
After secondary school every boy must be a man; for college and life beyond, I must have a plan. First I shall plant myself, then branch and grow; spread my leaves all around me, a hue of green they will glow.
Eighteen years, wow, it's almost here The moment we have looked forward to all our lives So close that we can reach it with the tips of our fingers Apprehensive, yet excited, we're starting our lives soon
I used to pray for times like this graduation day upon us the people we used to diss we miss the people that were a little different the ones who were a little less significant we wanna be there but we cant
Freshmen year... Walking in to classrooms with nervous, sweaty and trembling hands, That is the exact moment when you realize that these next four years are the ONLY four years of High School you'll ever be granted.
Out of darkness, we climb into the sunlight The past crashing behind us In foaming waves of dust. Where once we crawled, Too tight a space And black And cold,
I always saw the good in good bye Because I hated saying hello I knew that people’s duty in life was just to come and go.
I’d be leaning against a thick tree, staring off into the green with a film of sweat across my lip and the smell of dinner slipping across the field mixed with the settling of the freshly-mowed grass. 
Congratulations, they said. I’m finally finished, is the thought running through your head. What a journey this has been. I thought I’d be excited, but I’m sad to see it end. Meeting new people, learning new things.
The four years seem to flash right before your eyes, Goosebumps appear as you tread down the empty hall the last time. You feel as if ants are crawling in your stomach, Every one going separate ways to college.
Freshman year, We tried our best, Avoided Seniors, Passed our tests. Hazing came, In various ways, A book check here and there, But we were safe most days.
I don’t know how to feel about the day to come Mixed feelings of nostalgia and anticipation overwhelm me I go back to that musty school yard field The field I thrived on and learned who I was on
In some ways we were journeymen on another mission We were all apprentices searching for some new edition Of our lives. In some ways we were just chicks being pushed from a nest
Graduation is here, Butterflies in my tummy, College is near, I guess I’m no dummy.
It's time to fly You've got your dreams And now you've got your very own dreams. The day has come, It's time to soar, But don't forget who you were before. When you take off, Do not look back,
Wow I cant believe I finished high school. This feeling I feel is too cool. I thank my mom for everything and when I have my amazing job I'll buy her anything. I want to be the best I can be
About to venture into the world unknown,What will life be like out on my own?To jump out of the plane and dive into the excitement of the world,so many directions I could take sends my mind into a whirl,
A bird taking flight Is what I will feel A string on me tightly None to my appeal My thoughts blow me away From true friends to miss I feel I’m halfway Gone from the great kiss
Letters of blue, background of gray. A forlorn hue, a fading day. Memories made, memories lost. Characters built, companions cost. Childhood gone, in body for sure. Maturity's con,
Good luck at college My friends you will always be May life bring you smile
That look is a look that can be seen a thousand miles. That look changes lives and create smiles. That look flows from a mother's approval to a daughter's heart. That look shows that the girl is smart.
Graduation is a huge step, Not only for you, But your friends and family too. Will I keep in touch? Will I call them everyday? Or will all of my memories, Simply fade away. Graduation is adrenaline,
The golden chains from which you hang now shine, And likewise does your golden frame appear, Enough to so reflect this face of mine In face I see is gleaming glass this clear.
Tick-tock goes the clock as the time passes by Everybody dressed in blue smiles and cries The day of graduation was finally here It was time to celebrate the end of senior year
Having traveled these halls many times I arrive, now, at the final chapter So that I may finally make my path And walk toward life on my own. Since fate holds that I can not stay, I will leave you all behind
It’s the end of senior year Time for laughter, time for cheer So many memories in these halls Teachers, students, windowless classroom walls Freshman year, just starting out
Classes of math All need to be passed Lazy-minded one cannot be Churning out graphs Until the last second of class Limits can be quite tricky Under rigor instruction Some actually learn functions
Graduation is coming faster than we know. Soon we will be off to college and out on our own. There will be laughter and tears. I am afraid there will be more tears. Graduation is all we want to hear.
HOME Home is where the heart is. It‘s where I hang my hat. The comfort of my Dad’s chair Is usually where I sat.
Brown Jug
As our years in high school come to an end Spring is here and graduation is soon; Is it not time for us all to befriend, As each evening brings up another moon? Before we know it, won’t the month be June?
So today is the day. It's finally time to say goodbye. To all the hours, The ages I've spent here. This is the place where my friends became my family. After all the initiations, And the hours in the sun.
What the Heart of an Enigmatic Teenage Girl Said to Others Like Herself
Lets take our last bows together to remind everyone of our fight our determination; The endeavor. It all comes to a close tonight.
You, mother, are the object of my appreciation. You have brought me into this strange world, Leaving me to explore with bright eyes and no sense of direction The fresh air being inhaled into my tiny lungs for the first time
I see the clock counting time, The minutes passing by. tic tock tic tock… The noise in beat with my heart Is it the end of an hour, Or just a new start? Tic tock tic tock…
A small adventure it was, a mile journey. On crumbling pavement, carrying my sandals in my left hand. Barefoot, blisters forming, small cuts from tiny shards of glass, thrown to the roads.
Graduation, here we come We pass on down the blue and white We're out of here, we're gone We're getting out tonight
The girl in the mirror is beautiful, But that is not what I usually see. I have never seen her hair so perfect, her skin so flawless, this cannot be me. She looks so confident,
walking through the hallways, her head was hung down. She was screaming from the inside, but on the outside was a pretty smile. No one knew about the weight she barred amongst herself,
Don't look back, The past can't be changed. Live for the moment Look forward to every new day remaining time in this stage of life is short. It's almost done, the ball is in your court.
Change the Setting, The environment I am in now is just a plain turn style sequence of scenes. Memories I have are only forming drab chains around my wrists trying to restrain me.
Leaving the nest, as all good birdies do Can be the best experience too. Flying high on the wind, and low by the water Is the most fun you can find, under the sun growing hotter.
Graduation is coming up soon , we will be graduating in June We have learn so much it's time to let go of the crutch life will not be the same but people will remember your name it's time for us to explore
Five, four, three, two more months until we spread our wings and fly. One chapter of our life ends as the next begins. The laughs, friends, tears, and enemies all become things in the past. We walk across the stage,
Practically weightless, yet, it weighs on your shoulders. You either have it or you don't. You have enough or you don't You're not addicted.. Yet, you need it.
Thirteen years of required school, Countless numbers of quizzes and tests Half a semester and we won’t be fools.
The creature scared and common in the dark isolated cave is crying.
The end will begin when our class song plays With our family and friends standing close by They will watch us throw our caps up with praise But times will soon change, we cannot deny.
Like a baby bird we are leaving the nest. have we yet discovered who we are, what we want to be, what we want to discover? WE We must stick together as a people, a generation.
All I want to do is close my eyes and sleep, But, I know I can’t give up so I won’t say a peep. Graduation is so close, only two hundred days away. I want to change the world but my parents want me to stay.
We sign the books and we all make promises to keep in touch we even cry a little.
We loved together We laughed together We cried together Made memories together Every year, we burned bright Faced challenges and obstacles And burned out sometimes But like an immortal Phoenix
He gets up Goes to school Tries to prove That he’s no fool Looks around And hopes that Nobody knows Nobody knows
The end is almost here Time to say good-bye to old And hello to the new Everything is changing all too quickly
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