The Unyielding Sky

We are gathered here, you and I
To study the strange nature of the unyielding sky.
Spanned across our unimaginative eyes, pensively awaiting tomorrow, with all its potential for joy and sorrow.
Some say I am entering a new stage in life;
I say, as the old man who flies his pinnacled kite on the beach,
A fresh breeze from the firmament is simply a continuation of last night.
So, would you join me on the beach as I nomadically search for my own land?
We can watch the rising Sun then comb the shifting sands
And ponder some questions:
Should old acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind?
Most of you will be lost in the red sinking sands of time;
I'll be here, studying the strange nature of the unyielding sky.


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