Graduation for the Class of 2014


Our high school years have come to an end

It is now 2014

Its time for our graduation

We have made one giant leap

No more going to school at 8:20 AM

Making us go to school, attendance really tried


Its time to see  what we can do

To go to college to see through

To find our passion our goals and dreams

And now we're free


Time to go, Time to go

To go and explore the world

Time to go, Time to go

To greatly change the world

Here we stand 

The class of 2014

We are high school graduates

Ready to be the generation that change the world


[It is a poem that can be a parody for Frozen's Let it go]

(As saludatorian of my school, I used this poem/parody for my graduation speech, which can be found in this following link: - Parody starts at min 4:08)



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