Ready, Set...

Tue, 04/23/2013 - 09:52 -- DajahxD


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Change the Setting,
The environment I am in now is just a plain turn style sequence of scenes.
Memories I have are only forming drab chains around my wrists trying to restrain me.
They set chase hoping to solidify themselves as a part of me.
Well let them chase.
They will never define me,
Let them waste breath,
For I will be an eon or two away chasing the familiar unfamiliarity’s left in life.
All of these intertwining feelings coursing through my veins,
Controlling my body,
Loosening the chains,
Finally setting me free from this already set life that
I left behind after they said the words, “Ready... Set….”
I am ready,
My eyes are set on the confusing twists and turns that lie ahead…
Let them continue to chase and try to change my already set mind.
Let them waste breath.
All the while I aim straightforward,
Looking back only to say with my tongue sticking out in a whimsical manner,
“Catch Me If You Can.”


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

interesting perspective is what i got from this poem
life is about moving forward and not backwards
great job-keep writing
im a power poetry mentor

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