Class of Kings and Queens


We might only have one last time together

To walk along the halls and hold the memories forever

Our last moments at the lockers between classes

Always having to carry one of these blue passes.


Our moments before we leave the school,

Hoping the giant world won’t be so cruel.

This has been our home for so many years

Lets just try to hold back all of our tears.


As we set off with our heads held high,

We say our last goodbyes

To our friends, family, and the ones who’ve been there

To see us grow up and shown us who cared


So before we walk across this stage,

We are set free, soaring at a young age,

Free to begin lives and start new,

How did it go by so soon?


I only hope that we do our greatest,

With our future ahead of us shining the brightest,

Making steps, going towards our plans,

We take the tassel in our hands.


For a moment in time we are the kings and queens,

Yes, the classiest of The Class of 2014

A sea of red and white as we throw our crowns into the air,

Maybe the world only be prepared.

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