Graduation, End of an Era


United Kingdom
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Freshman year,
We tried our best,
Avoided Seniors,
Passed our tests.

Hazing came,
In various ways,
A book check here and there,
But we were safe most days.

Time passed quick,
That summer came,
So did school,
We thought it was lame.

Second year,
Grades maybe dropped,
Not a care or fear.

Our lives were simple,
Perhaps even boring,
Relationships failed,
Breaking Benjamin stopped touring.

Our lives stood stagnant,
But our time did not,
The year passed quickly,
We missed a lot.

The vacation came,
Hello good weather,
We had fun,
Couldn't do much better.

Juniors now,
We're almost there,
Tragedies happened,
Tears were shared.

We lost a friend,
One not many acknowledged,
She was funny and kind,
Though a grave was her college.

Our lives are passing,
Faster and faster,
Planning our future,
Instead of acting like bastards.

We matured,
Teachers were friends,
We got jobs and cars,
Ditched cliche trends.

The year passed by,
Faster than any other,
I lost my house that year,
No money, foreclosure.

We left for vacation,
It was a hard year,
Heartbreak and turmoil,
Hard things to bare.

But we returned as Seniors,
The top of the ladder,
We treated Freshman like shit,
But not harshly during our Grad year.

We grew up,
Planned our future endeavors,
College, a job, military maybe,
And failing students asking for favors.

The year went by quick,
Faster than ever,
We're not calling it lame anymore,
Now bittersweet, but still greater.

Our lives are progressing,
No longer stagnant,
We'll go off to our future,
Wishing we hadn't.

Our high school career,
It is now over,
Sadness will fill us,
As we are reminiscent of our future.

The graduation will commence,
Our principal will stand there,
Our family's looking on,
He'll look upon us with his glare,

He'll smile and say, congratulations senior class,
You've made it, you've won,
Now get out there and finally,
Show us what you've done.

We'll cheer and cry,
Throw our caps in the air,
Nostalgia will rain,
Memories we'll share.

The summer will come,
We'll spend it with friends,
Until we move on,
Around the many corners and bends.

Good luck all my friends,
Good luck with your dreams,
I hope you truly make them,
I'll see you all in twenty-twenty-three.


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