Starting My Life

About to venture into the world unknown,
What will life be like out on my own?
To jump out of the plane and dive into the excitement of the world,
so many directions I could take sends my mind into a whirl,
turning around and around,
with so many choices I feel like I could drown.
The world outside is so very scary,
and my worrisome soul is already weary.
Facing your future is hard to do,
so many people now don't even care about you.
We all must face it; however,
the start of our life.
It's time to move forward and leap from our nest,
and take our first major test.
To see if we fly or fall we have to try our best and give it our all.
I don't even know how I will accomplish my dreams,
and at times I will probably fall apart at the seams.
But I know that I will move on,
because that's what people do we grow and adapt and become something new,
Starting your life, well, frankly is terrifying but what kind of race would we be if we never kept trying?


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

the world can be a scary place

1st off, congratulations on graduating

embrace all that was taught in school, home, community that provided the foundation

in helping you persevere





Such a powerful poem... Keep up the good work!

Keith Edward Baucum

You will do just fine. We all have to get out there.


That's beautiful! It's like you took the words right out of my head. Wonderfully said.

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