Calculus Is What Dreams Are Made Of


United States
34° 33' 6.498" N, 106° 34' 55.1244" W

Classes of math
All need to be passed
Lazy-minded one cannot be
Churning out graphs
Until the last second of class
Limits can be quite tricky
Under rigor instruction
Some actually learn functions
Introduced by a genius of new
Sine, cosine, and tangent
Where so much time is spent
How there was rule after rule
All the best equations
Taught without hesitations
Done on a handy Mobi
Right at the start
Every day was a new art
About derivatives and infinity
Maybe I’m just guessing here
Still even as the end of year
Approached, I think, too fast
Remembering all my years of math
Even details of some teachers’ wrath
My calculus teacher is by far the best
As I am bringing this poem to a close
Decipher a title from the first of the rows
Expressing my final thoughts: difficult but plausible
Opening a new door: just to be philosophical
Forgetting my favorites: that’s completely impossible


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