A Tear of Reflection

This is it, 

It's finally here.

After testing stress,

It's my final year.

High school was fun,

Not at all what I thought it would be.

Junior year made me strong,

Granting senior year to make me weak.

Making grades,

Leaving ties,

Oh, indeed, how time flies.

I learned to not believe,

That time would slow,

Maybe just for me.

Am I ready?

I guess I'll see,

Come May, it'll be time to leave.

A year of repaired,

Relations and Lies,

Could not prevent me from saying goodbye.

A year of relief,

Warring with pain and struggle.

A monumental memory,

The anniversary of how I once loved another. 

He would be proud if he could see me now,

Another year has gone, 

But I will not fall nor back down. 

His legacy remains,

Empowering me to believe,

Another year is here,

And I the broken girl,

Will graduate and thrive,



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