Our Moment, Down Here, In 2019

I'm Losing them. 

What will I do?

midnight trips

laughter by the fire—

all Gone,

faded Memories. 


What will I do—

getting drunk on good vibes

all those sleepless nights

sharing way too much—

yet Never enough. 


What will I do—

Crying on a shoulder through the Pain

horrible jokes

crazy adventures to mask reality

from car concerts

and even a "special" mission that will forever be untold

now, it's Gone. 


What, what will I do—

we've cleared a chapter

now faced with separate stories

we've finished the book

though there is so much joy 

a pressure to make memories that will last a lifetime 

I never thought what I would do—

when I lose all of you. 


Dedicated to the friends I will never forget and the class of 2019. 

This poem is about: 
My community


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