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Congratulations, they said.
I’m finally finished, is the thought running through your head.
What a journey this has been.
I thought I’d be excited, but I’m sad to see it end.
Meeting new people, learning new things.
Oh, the joy that high school brings.
Planning your future, inspiring others to do the same.
Now you’re reminiscing, and to you it’s such a shame.
You’ve been waiting on this day, but now that it’s here.
You’re only able to wipe those tears
Tears of joy, or tears of sorrow?
Tears from thinking what you’ll be tomorrow
Successful, a leader, a graduate, that’s me.
Something I always knew I could be.
I hold my head up high, despite all the emotions I’m going through.
Because I’ve done something we all can do
Something we did, we did it together
We made it through even the darkest weather
So, we should wipe our tears and dry our eyes.
We finally made it to the end to get the first prize.
As you think of your achievement, you start to smile.
Congratulations, they said. You passed this trial.


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