The Power of Education

Wed, 01/22/2014 - 12:12 -- lnhenry


The busy hustle across the sidewalks

makes a walk turn into a shuffle.


Going from class to class

is nothing short of a puzzle.


As I make my way through the crowds,

I've never felt so alone.


With more than fifty thousand students here,

it's hard to make yourself known.


Education is what keeps me going,

my eagerness to learn.


Graphic design and Spanish

are the two degrees I'll earn.


In four years time

I'll walk across that stage.


Excited to start my career,

and turning life's story to a new page.


Working in a firm

or for a large company.


I'll send my designs everywhere

for all eyes to see.


Magazines, CD covers, logos,

you name it.


With my degree, I can help make a statement.

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